10 Great Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle


Motorcycles do more than just creating convenience in transport andmaking a person look cool. A lot of people feel compelled to ride amotorcycle whether the reason may fall in the category of practicality orpassion. Following are some of the reasons which will make you want toride a motorcycle as well.

1- Easy space for parking

Where all types of cars are forced to park in small areas, motorbikes do nothave to suffer from this difficulty because there are separate free parkingspots for bikes in almost all public places which makes it easy for bikeriders to park without any hassle. This is a luxury which car driversunfortunately do not possess.

2- Ride for the sake of thrill

This is a reason with which almost all bikers can relate to on a spirituallevel. In fact, most people start riding their bikes because they simply wishto experience the motorcycle thrill. One feels excited sitting on a two-wheelvehicle and the risks attached with this type of transport oddly heightensthe thrill as well.

3- Saves money at petrol pump

It is a very common and admired fact that bikes save twice more money onfuel than cars because motorcycles achieve double the amount of fuelefficiency as compared to cars. This automatically makes the bikes a betteroption than cars as they are major money savers. It does not matter if theprices of fuel are high or not, bikes are bound to save money nevertheless.A lot of bikes can ride 60 to 70 miles per gallon whereas some scootersgive an impressive number of 100+ mph.

4- They are kind to the environment

Motorbikes are the forms of transport which affect the environment theleast as compared to the other transportation means. They not only savefuel but also leave minimal impact on the environment which is verybeneficial.

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5- Convenient commuting

You will see motorbikes speeding and moving around almost everywhereat par with cars. This is because bikes are allowed to ride in and betweenlanes. Bikes are most likely able to get you at your destination way fasterthan cars as they are smaller and lighter in dimensions as compared to

cars. Commuting becomes easier and fun with bikes.

6- Bikes are undoubtedly cool

The overall vibe of the motorcycle is cool and exciting. Even the people or”motorcyclists” who ride the vehicle seem cool. A sense of adventure isassociated with people who ride bikes. The amount and level of swagger orcool attitude which a person exudes walking with a helmet under an armcan never be compared with a person who drives a car. This is the reasonwhy most people prefer motorcycles over cars.

7- Sense of freedom

A motorcycle is the best way to hop off on an adventure or even an escape.Most people believe that the very act of riding is their destination instead ofriding towards a set location or destination. This is because a person feelsfreedom to the highest degree while riding a two-wheel vehicle.Moreover, riding a bike will erase all worries and burdens off yourshoulders and will capture your mind with the thoughts of the presentmoment which is also known as the “Zen” state of the mind. During this

state, a person simultaneously feels very big and very small at the sametime which brings him immense peace and a way to transcend reality. Thisis why bike riding can be a form of meditation.

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8- Individuality and Authenticity

A bike which a person chooses to ride automatically becomes a reflectionof his inward personality and nature even if the bike is a very utilitarian andbasic one. Motorcycles are comparatively way more differing in style andappearance as cars. So much so that no two bikes can ever be similar.Moreover, there are more choices in the styling and tricking of a bike.Motorcycles have formed a channel through which a person can easily andfreely express a personality.

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9- A sense of belonging

Random bikers on a road will inevitably form a bond of connection betweenthem and this bond is felt and shared equally and passionately by them.This bond is another luxury which the car drivers unfortunately are deprivedof. This feeling can be better termed as “camaraderie”. The feeling of

belonging to a big community among other bike riders sets them apart andunique from the rest of the automobile world.

10- Your health will get better

Bike riding helps a person lose weight. Twice more calories can be burnt inan hour by riding a bike as compared to car driving. Therefore, not onlyyour mental health will improve but your physical health will improve too.So these are the most basic reasons for riding a motorcycle. Which reasonmakes you stick to bike riding?


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