10 Hidden Instagram Features That Every Instagrammer Should Know


Hi Instagram users! This time I’ll show you some great, but also somewhat hidden features on Instagram that you probably haven’t heard of yet. Or you have seen them in others, but you have not yet had the opportunity to apply them.

Account Features

1.  Nametag (name tag) – Instagram business card

There are many hidden features of the account, but I wanted to bring you the latest – Nametag. Nametag is your Instagram business card that allows you to find you on the internet, but also in real life. Nametag works similarly to the QR code.

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Select the menu in the upper right corner.
  3. Select the “Nametag” option (in English, “name tag”).
  4. Select the background of your nametag and save the nametag on your phone or send it to yourself by email. Congratulations! Your nametag is ready!

Now other Instagram users will be able to scan your nametag and become your followers without looking for your Insta account. How to scan a nametag? This can be done in the same place where you create the nametag by selecting “Scan a Name Tag” at the bottom of the screen.

What function does this apply in business? I will describe some examples in the next post!

Instagram Feed features

2.  Share the Insta Story post you published on your Instagram Feed

A great feature that allows you to share an Insta Story photo you just published on your Instagram Feed (in English: Instagram tiles). Why would you do that? Well, it turns out that Instagram users spend more and more time on Instagram Story, and less and less on Instagram Feed. Therefore, as an Instagram pro, you want to use the potential of the post you just published by sharing it on Instagram Story. This maneuver creates more interaction under your post.

I will show you how it works:

  1. Post to Instagram Feed.
  2. Choose this post. Then select the paper airplane stamp (you’ll find it under the photo).
  3. Select the “Add Post to your Story” option.
  4. Then you add a matching GIF and text that invites you to go to your post. You publish and it’s ready!
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Bonus 1:  I always recommend adding GIFs to Insta Story photos. The picture display time on Insta Story is usually about 6 seconds, while you add a GIF to this picture, you extend this time up to 15 seconds (i.e. to the maximum length of the video divided into Insta Story).

Bonus 2:   If you share an Instagram Feed post on Insta Story when someone clicks on it, you will be able to go directly to this post. It’s a great way to interact under the post. Less experienced observers may not know about it, so I recommend searching the GIF for the “tab” sticker and adding it as in the example below. This will increase the chance that people will go from Insta Story to your post.

Bonus 3:  Keep the function of sharing Instagram Feed posts on Insta Story for special occasions. For example: if you announce the publication of a news article on a blog, promotion of an event or podcast.

Bonus 4: It’s good to know that on Instagram Story you can generally share photos and videos that were taken in the last 24 hours. When sharing posts with Instagram Feed in Insta Story, it doesn’t matter. Imagine that you want to split a post from a few days/weeks ago it is still possible.

3.  Embed (embed) Instagram post on your website (pssst: I love this feature).

Aaah this feature is boohoos! I adore her! Why? Because embedding posts from Instagram in a blog, for example, can help a lot in your marketing strategy.

Thanks to embedding posts on a website, e.g. in blogs:

  • You will show those who do not know you on Instagram what you do and what you do by presenting them with a selected embedded post.
  • If you click on an embedded post you will be redirected to this post on Instagram (allowing readers of the article to get involved in it).

How to embed a post?

  1. Log in to your account on the computer.
  2. Select the post you want to embed.
  3. Click on the 3 dots below the post.
  4. Select the second option from the top “embed” and copy the code. Then paste this code on your website.
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Features in Instagram Stories

It’s time for hidden features in Instagram Stories. Ready

4.  Share another user’s Insta Story on your Insta Story

Sounds like music in your ears? Someone has tagged your profile in their Insta Story! It’s great if you are building your brand.

When your profile is mentioned in another user’s story you will receive a message about it. Now it’s time to share it in your Insta Story:

  1. Go to Instagram news.
  2. Select “share it on your profile”.
  3. Add some nice text with a comment, GIF can emoji and it’s ready!

It’s a great way to build relationships on Instagram.

Bonus: If you share on your Insta Story profile, in which someone is positive about you, your product and services, be sure to share it on your Insta Story, and then add “Highlight”. Simple right?

5.  Custom text color in Instagram Story

Add text in Insta Story using a custom color matching the colors from the photo used in Insta Story. As in the following example:

  1. In the bottom,the panel selects the color-dropper function in the bottom left corner next to the color selection.
  2. Swipe to choose a color from the photo.

6.  Fill the entire background in Instagram Story with color

Sometimes you want to use a smooth background in your Insta Story.

In the “drawing tool” just select the color and hold your finger on the background. Ready!

7.  Fill the entire background in Instagram Story with a custom color

Aach, this feature is great too, especially when the colors of your brand differ from the standard colors available in Insta Story.

In the “drawing tool” just hold your finger on the selected color and the option to choose custom colors will appear. Move your finger on the palette to choose the desired color. It would be better if the option of giving the color code (color hex) was available, but you can choose the color closest to the desired one.

8.  Add Instagram Story to “Highlights” so that you can watch them for more than 24 hours

The display duration of your Insta Story is 24 hours. Generally cool, but not when you share timeless content, e.g. your offer, portfolio, products, useful tips (just like I do on my profile with tips on Instagram).

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If you did Insta Story that you want your followers to see longer than 24 you can add it to the Highlights folder.

  1. Choose + New under your bio.
  2. Go to the folder containing all your Insta Story.
  1. Choose which snaps you want to add to highlight.
  2. Name your Highlight. Ready!
  3. Remember to regularly add new relevant Insta Stories to Highlight.

9.  Turn your graphics/photos into video so that they appear longer in Instagram Story

I recommend always adding GIFs when you share graphics/photos on Insta Story. The time to show a photo on Insta Story is usually about 6 seconds while you add a GIF to this photo, you extend this time up to 15 seconds, which is the maximum length of the video shared on Insta Story.

Don’t show Insta Story to selected people

You don’t always want to show your Insta Story to all followers. And I’m not even talking about the competition here. Imagine that you are preparing a surprise for your boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to ask your observers what they think about it. If you are facing low followers issue then buy Instagram Followers UK for a better experience.

  1. Start as if you wanted to make a new Insta Story.
  2. Before choosing a photo or video go to the “Story controls” menu.
  3. Go to “Hide story from” and choose a person who will not see your Insta Story.
  4. This person will not be notified and you can change these settings at any time.

10.              Mute the Insta Story account you are following

Sometimes you don’t want to watch Insta Stories from some users. I won’t go into the reasons here, sometimes you just don’t feel like it.

  1. As soon as the Insta Story of this person appears, hold your finger on the icon with their photo.
  2. Select “mute” (mute).

Okay, that would be all the current features, tips, Instagram strategies that I know. If you know more of them please let me know in reaction to this post!


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