5 Essential Productivity Tips for Developers


It takes a lot of effort and time to build a mobile or a web application. Developers designers and other contributors give the fullest of their efforts to get an excellent final product in their hands. A good product is always a result of extensive efforts from every team member. When it comes to mobile app development, the process takes two to six months of consistent efforts to deliver a fully functional mobile app. the process may even take more than this, depending on the product features and other complexities. 

This suggests that scores of precious hours are spent on planning, deciding, and development. The developers and the team members sometimes face constant pressure under limited time and resources to deliver the work on time. A complete glitch-free mobile app involves several essential steps, including developing, testing, and iterating, until a satisfactory result is achieved. Therefore, every minute measures a significant value, and no time should be wasted in unnecessary tasks.

Therefore, we have listed here some productivity tips for mobile and web app developers to achieve the best results without wasting their time on irrelevant and iterative tasks.

Don’t Repeat

The concept of Object-Oriented Programming offers code reusability, which saves a significant amount of developers’ time. Do-not-repeat is a frequently used adage in coding for quite some time now due to its added benefits. This concept puts emphasis on not repeating classes and functions and reusing them elsewhere in any other project.

Besides development, particularly, this concept is also useful in other day-to-day tasks at the workplace, including much repetitive work. This ranges from replying emails, giving instructions, visits to check progress, and professional documenting, etc. Keeping a handy template for such mundane tasks can save a lot of valuable time for every team member.

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Pick the Right Tools

The selection of appropriate tools is crucial. Pick the right tools for design and development processes. Different developers prefer different development tools based on their satisfaction and personal preferences. Perform necessary research before selecting a particular tool. It will reduce a lot of future work and make your task easier, simpler, and better. Once you get used to using a tool, you will realize the importance and convenience of such handy tools available mostly free and sometimes paid, but they are worth paying.

A useful tool can considerably improve the productivity and efficiency of the team members. Popular tools for web developers like Shopify and WordPress are effortless to use, thus reducingloads of work burden from the developer’s shoulder. Similarly, programming IDEs support mobile application development in most programming languages.

Work in Sprints

It is advisable for a developer to work in small sprints. Splitting your work in shorter sprints can increase productivity and efficiency. You can split a particular task into shorter components, and each of those components can be completed individually and later combined. This enables you to evaluate your work and also allocate time for each component without exerting extra efforts on anyone. Working in sprints also increases the work focus as only one task is done at a time, and your attention is not distracted at numerous tasks going around.So, working in shorter sprints increase not only productivity but also overall work efficiency. Moreover, productivity management softwarelikeTrello, Asana, and Jira are frequently used in many significant organizations for similar purposes.

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Minimize Distractions

Distractions can reduce productivity to even half. Thus, it needs to be smartly taken care of. Distractions at the workplace can remarkably affect individual and team productivity. Distractions are many, maybe a talkative colleague or a cluttered desktop. Set short-term goals or objectives for each day to avoid such distractions around you and so stay focused on achieving your target.

Also, you should smartly handle your desktop notifications and email and allocate proper time for everything; time for work, time to check emails, andofcourse,time for relaxation, chat, and coffee. Manage time effectively, and you will see distractions minimizing from your day. Make sure you close unnecessary applications and files, maintain a clean and easy-on-eyes desktop, and keep up an undistracted work environment to improve focus and so productivity.

Communicate and Organize

Effective communication is always crucial. Communicate with your co-workers and be informed about the recent development phase in your project. Doing this will save you from investing in extra efforts later. When you keep up with the updates, you can catch any loopholes at the point, and you will e saved to redo all the way again.

You will be able to avoid unnecessary work and organize your tasks in a better way. What else you can benefit from effective communication is avoiding two members working on the same thing without being aware of it. It also helps teammates learn from each others’ mistakes and ideas. These common mistakes can be minimized with sound communication and constant interaction with team members. It is always advisable to use professional communication platforms that organize work and enable discussion with the team. Tools like Skype, Slack, Zoom, and DropBoxcan be explicitly used for internal communication and file storage.

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