7 Reasons to Visit Rizal Park: A Historical Urban Park Dedicated To Philippines’ National Heroes


Rizal Park is a 58 hectare urban park dedicated to the national hero Jose Rizal who led the revolution against the Spanish Government. He was a polymath and a brilliant mind that fought for freedom till his last breath. Rizal was a light among a lot of darkness and ironically the park is considered the green lung of Manila among all the urbanization.   

Rizal Park is truly a tropical oasis beloved by all the locals. The park is a hub for relaxing, picnics and other park worthy activities. There are a number of reasons to visit Rizal Park but the most important being its historical background. Here is a curated list of all the reasons to visit Rizal Park. Along with the reasons, learn Rizal Park facts and history. 

1.Tallest Flagpole in the Philippines 

The park houses a 150 foot tall flagpole which is the tallest in the country. This flagpole was set up to commemorate the 150th birthday anniversary of the fallen hero Jose Rizal. The flagpole is at the same place where the Filipinos raised their flag after gaining independence from the United States in 1946. Many tourists and locals state the flagpole is without a doubt one of the main reasons to visit Rizal Park. 

2.Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom  

This 40 foot statue was a gift from South Korea as appreciation for the help in the Korean War. The statue is of Lapu-Lapu, a Muslim native from Cebu and a representative of the Sultans of Sulu. This humongous bronze statue facing the sea, stands in the middle of Agrifina Circle. 

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The statue of Lapu-Lapu is set 400 meters away from the Jose Rizal statue to symbolise the 400 year distance in history between the two national heroes. The addition of this statue adds a lot of historical diversity to the park. 

3.The Largest Philippines’ Relief Map 

To the far eastern end of the Rizal Park, on a man-made lake rests a giant relief map of the Philippines. It is the first thing tourists are drawn towards while entering the park from Taft Avenue. It is the biggest raised map of the Philippines in the world, making it one of the reasons to visit Rizal Park. 

4.Chinese Garden: Visit China in the Philippines  

The Chinese Garden is one of the scenic spots in Rizal Park. It is one of the main reasons people visit this green space. The garden was built to promote the blossoming friendship between the Chinese and Filipinos.   

Once you enter this garden it feels like you teleported to ancient China with a corridor designed like the Summer Palace in Beijing. Although entrance to the park is free, a minimal cost of 5 Philippine pesos per person is needed to enter the garden. 

5. Gallery of Heroes

This park commemorates a number of national heroes and has two rows of bust sculpture monuments. The busts surround the Central Lagoon with the Musical Dancing Fountain in the middle. 

Some of the national heroes honored here are AmanDangat of Batanes, Gregorio Aglipay of Ilocos Norte, Juan Sumuroy of Samar and Sultan Kudarat of Cotabato. The Gallery of Heroes holds great historical significance as locals bring their children to teach them about their past. These structures are one of the main reasons to visit Rizal Park. 

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6.Rizal Monument 

The most visited, most guarded and most popular monument in all of the Philippines is the Rizal Monument at Rizal Park. Standing at a height of 42 feet is this bronze sculpture of RIzal which is over 100 years old. The statue stands on a granite stone base that houses this hero’s remains. 

The monument was named ‘Motto Stella’ which are the Latin words for Guiding Star. This title was given by the Swiss sculptor Richard Kissling who designed the monument.  

7. Rizal’s Execution Point 

Jose Rizal was executed in this park and life-size dioramas were set up to depict his last moments. His execution point is about 100 meters away from Rizal’s monument. The site is called “AngPagkabayanini Dr. Jose P. Rizal” which translates to The Martyrdom of Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

This execution point has a P20 entrance fee for adults and P10 for students during the day tour. Tourists from all over the world vouch for this as one of the best reasons to visit Rizal Park. 

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