A Bigfoot Monster Hunter: Discover Your Own Horror Journey


Do you like hunting games? Now you get the chance. You’ll utilize your 3D expert marksman shooting match-up abilities. You have heard the gossipy tidbits that many individuals lost all sense of direction in the forest and later discovered dead. Now, you get the chance to live as a dangerous monster who is dreadful. He lives in the dark forest and he is very dangerous for all creatures. Now you can play this dreadful role and 2 hunters are following you to destroy you. But you are very powerful, it quite interesting to kill your hunters with your superpowers. Sounds Thrilling? Right? It’s quite interesting to play the role of bigfoot monster.

Want some scary fun with your friends?

You can play this adventurous fun with your friends as your team partner. Sounds excited? You can also play online this thrilling game with your friend. But if your friend is not available then Don’t be sad you can choose a random player and enjoy this adventurous journey in the forest. Your mission is you have to save yourself from 2 hunters which are ready to kill you but you have to kill them before they kill you. It is the most thrilling and amazing to play this horror game. You can win this target by using it’s all features: Race, attack and follow the map correctly. You can select your favorite player. This is the game to use your powers in the right way and always keep remain safe yourself from the hunter’s attack and kill them first before the hunter is trying to attack you.

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A test of your Abilities:

Now kids enjoy this monster fun and challenge the monster in a more challenging way. They don’t need to go to another room, no need to spend money. By just playing Bigfoot monster they will get all monster fun. In this world Bigfoot beast chasing endurance wild beast island creatures chase, you should be on endurance mode and murder other wild creatures to endure. Pulverize everything which goes ahead of your way, chase down wild creatures and chase or avoid beasts. Show your shooting abilities and show that you are the master beast tracker man of the online game.


  • 10 missions of monster chasing experience.
  • Simple and Smooth Controls to Freely move and execute the woodland trackers.
  • Reasonable audio effects of bigfoot beast.
  • HD designs of the woodland condition.
  • Marvelous and Amazing 3D Hill Mountain Survival Environment
  • Easy and Smooth Controls to Freely move and Hunt the Bigfoot
  • Use Bow and shotgun to Hunt the bigfoot beast
  • Use expert sharpshooter rifle to chase down sasquatch brute
  • Your journey is entirely basic – track and chases down the enormous mammoth. In any case, be cautious or the Bigfoot is going to destroy you!

Enjoy the bigfoot monster in your own unique style and win all the targets and earn coins by winning the level. This is a great chance for you to live as a powerful monster.


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