A Simple Kheerganga Trekking Trip Changed my Perspective


I have been to various trekking trips around the country. The trekking bug bit me when I was 20 and now 5 years later I am still as passionate about trekking as I was the first time. Over the period of years, I have taken numerous trekking trips to various locations. There have been some exceptionally good trips and some really bad experiences along the way. However, there is one particular trip that stands out among my plethora of trekking expeditions. The trekking trip to kheerganga. It was the most ordinary trekking trip but what made it so unique for me. I will tell you in a bit. The trip made me value myself and more importantly my outlook towards life changed.

Planning for the Trip

For the upcoming long weekend I was looking for something exciting to do. So, I decided to go for a trek to Kheerganga. Along with being an easy trek it was also a short trek which allowed me to explore the nearby areas also. It was the perfect destination for my weekend. This time instead of booking from the regular company with whom I book, I wished to book with a different company. That when I stumbled across a company called BanBanjara who were offering the Kheerganga trekking package at a very cost-effective price. Without thinking much I booked my trekking trip with them.

The Trip

I took an overnight bus from Delhi to reach Kasol,a town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The sudden change in the atmosphere and the landscapes when traveling from plains to mountains never fails to amaze me, no matter how many times I take the trip. 


I met the group and the trek lead at the starting point of the Kheerganga trek i.e. Barshaini. The village of Barshaini is just an hour away from Kasol. From here, we started our 12 kms long trek towards Kheerganga at around 10 in the morning. On the surface it was an ordinary trekking trip. But what made this trip standout were the people with whom I interacted with.

As I have been trekking for some time, my pace was quicker than others which means that I was trekking with the trek lead for most of the time. We got talking and let me tell you he was one of the most wise people I have met in my life. Getting to know his perspective towards general things of life made me question my outlook. How can a human being be so sorted, it was out of my understanding. But at the same time I was wondering why do we make things so complicated when it’s not. In the modern world’s rat race, we have forgotten about ourselves and what really matters. We did not discuss anything serious or talked on heavy and deep subjects but just about small & trivial things of life and some common life situations.

You must be wondering why a common conversation between two strangers got me thinking about my perspective. To tell you the truth, his simple and straightforward attitude towards life got me.

Let me share an instance for better understanding. We had a discussion about careers, something we think about a lot and go extra lengths to be on top of our game. His outlook towards career was very simple. He said “I love the mountains and talking to people. So, I became a trek leader.” Then I asked him what about career growth and money. His response was, “ I have everything I could ask for. Moreover I am happy with my life. Why would I care about such things and bring trouble in my paradise.” I was baffled by him. Now, don’t get me wrong but this was one of the rare moments where I meet a person who doesn’t let anything overpower his own happiness. It got me thinking about what we are running for and more importantly why we are running when at the end of the day we are just stressed and unhappy with our life.

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The biggest lesson that I learnt during this trip was that my happiness should be my top most priority. I feel that simple things in life bring an extraordinary change. Just like my trekking trip to Kheerganga which was simple and yet a life-changing one. 


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