Get a Particle Free Environment & Clean Air for Various LabTesting

  1. Introduction- 

There are many companies that offer horizontal flow ISO 5 clean bench which is designed in a special way to provide a class 100-ISO5 clean environment which is particle-free and is needed for the following such as pharmaceutical procedures, inspection, manufacturing, laboratory testing, etc. Horizontal flow ISO 5 clean bench simply creates a workspace which is sterile by pushing the stream of laminar sterile air through the workspace from HEPA or ULPA filters positioned behind the work zone. It can be especially utilized for industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, food manufacturing and application like tissue culture, mushroom cultivation, etc. It can also be used for the electronics assembly including other processes which require the ISO level 5 of cleanliness. 

Horizontal flow ISO 5 clean benchis polypropylene horizontal flow hoods which feature front-side perforated edges to minimize turbulence in either side of the work area.  Plus, it also has built-in recessed lights which provide diffused lighting without interfering with laminar airflow. And it also has low energy or low noise fan system. 

It is available in 3 to 8 feet in length. Also, if you want you can customize the same on request. There are other options also that is available like the epoxy-coated steel supporting stand with caster and also includes the following – 

  • Stainless steel interior work surface
  • UV sterilization light
  •  built-in power outlet is also available 
  • Front hinged sash or door can be installed in several sizes. 
  • Standard Features of horizontal flow ISO 5 clean bench – 
  • Available in the material choice of Polypropylene and 304 Stainless Steel for walls. 
  • It also consists of a certified fan filter module and it meets the IEST recommended practices. 
  • It has low sound and also low watts which measures only 50 DBA. 
  • HEPA filter is rated at 99.99% which is efficient and ULPA FFUs rated at 99.999% and is efficient. 
  • It also has a minihelic gauge which monitors pressures at different levels when it exceeds the limit. After it exceeds the limit there is an indication that there is a need to replace the HEPA filters. 
  • There are also air slots along the side edges which minimize backwash and turbulence in the area of the work. 
  • There is also a built-in fluorescent light
  • Specifications of horizontal flow ISO 5 clean bench – 
  • Horizontal flow ISO 5 clean bench construction-wise comprises of a polypropylene hood construction & epoxy powder-coated steel stand 
  • Air recirculation can be done easily with the help of the air slots which is there along the side edges. 
  • There is a pre-filter in which there is washable polyurethane foam.
  • Also present is the final filter with HEPA which is 99.99% efficient 
  • It has a fan motor also which has a direct drive along with a forward curve. It has a centrifugal-type with sealed bearings; rated for continuous duty; furnished with overload protection and a two-speed switch.
  • There is an average velocity of airflow which is 90 feet/minutes.
  • There is a sound level which is 50 DBA which is measured no more than 30’’ from filter face. 
  • In performance – Particle count exceeds Class 100 requirements.
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Horizontal flow ISO 5 clean bench direct the HEPA-filtered air towards the work area to provide an ISO class 5 conditions which protect your operations and experimentations from particulate contamination. The applications for clean benches comprise of the following such as – plant tissue culture, media plate preparation, electronics inspection, medical device assembly, and pharmacy drug preparation, etc. for which a neat and clean atmosphere is needed. They should not be used with a combination of bio-hazardous materials and toxins or radionuclides. They do not provide protection to the user or person experimenting with. 

Ready to have a Clean Airflow while Experimenting ?

Now that you know how the horizontal flow ISO 5 clean benches work and what are the fields in which they have used you should also know about the horizontal airflow. Horizontal airflow is the best when the work piece has a larger surface horizontally. There can also be a narrow cross-section which is perpendicular to the airflow. In which the individual or the person experimenting is working directly over the work piece, it is most suited to such applications. In horizontal flow ISO 5 clean bench, there is a constant clean airflow between the work object and the hands of the worker/instruments. So, it is best advised to use this whenever you have any kind of experimentation where there is the use of the hand or the instruments directly. 


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