How Biometric Attendance System Changed the Way Attendance Works


Faced with the increase in burglaries, some choose radical security solutions, including the biometric lock. Increasingly used, is the biometric lock the lock of tomorrow?

What is a biometric lock?

The biometric attendance system is a computerized locking system that opens with several fingerprints depending on the type of biometric lock you have chosen:

– fingerprint (of a finger),

– the fingerprint of the venous network,

– the outline of the hand,

– the imprint of the retina.

Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages associated with this rising multi-factor authentication technology:

  1. Identification and authentication: speed and precision

Using passwords and codes to access a physical or virtual site securely is relatively simple, but generic. Anyone with a card or a pass can access the protected site. Biometric attendance system, on the other hand, designates biological passwords that cannot be tampered with. In other words, the identification and authentication of a given individual are reliable. Iris or facial recognition is more and more often integrated into security processes due to the speed and simplicity of detection.

  • A great sense of responsibility

With biometric attendance system, the company has accurate information on entry and exit – a sign that it takes its responsibilities very seriously. In the event of an unfortunate incident, the company can rely on more reliable evidence, as supported by data. The data is also easy to configure, analyse and transmit when needed.

  • Maximum efficiency

Every company demands fool proof efficiency from its security systems. Biometric control systems not only enhance security, but they also facilitate and improve the efficiency of the management of critical functions such as attendance tracking for the establishment of payslips. This system is even practical for employees who no longer need to have their badge or access card with them at all times.

  • Watchword: practicality
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One of the main advantages of a biometric attendance system is its convenience. Passwords do not need to be reset. Once the biometric test is enabled, fingerprint, iris and face recognition can be done – and employees go about their business. You can even save the data and check it as needed. Convenient, isn’t it?

  • Scalable to support growth

As companies grow, security must evolve with them. Scalability is one of the main advantages of biometric controls. The flexibility of these systems allows them to accept additional employee data easily. Clearly, security grows with the company.

  • Safety and profitability

Once the biometric control system is integrated, there is no longer any need for additional infrastructure investment. The initial and recurrent investment costs, therefore, fall very sharply. These systems also help prevent losses due to fraud and illegal entry. This benefit alone saves money and increases profitability.

  • Simple and ergonomic use

The management, adjustment, and even analysis of biometric attendance system are distinguished by their ergonomics – with technological and precise results that require only a minimum of intervention. Capturing new data and analysing logs is quick. Once the input and output table has been created, analysing and managing the data becomes easy to play.

More and more systems for managing the entry and exit of personnel in large companies are now based on biometric attendance system. Due to the various methods of biometric control – facial recognition, iris identification, vascular card recognition and even fingerprints – biometrics is a complex issue. 



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Biometrics quickly established itself as a centrepiece of the security infrastructure and multi-factor authentication, with the program: rapid and straightforward checks, audit logs and analyses. These systems are of crucial importance as the sector continues to evolve and become more complex. We can also expect the phenomenon to increase in the coming years. Yes, the biometric attendance system is indeed the lock of today and a safer tomorrow!


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