How Can the Best Weighted Blanket for Kids Help Your Child’s Development


Our brains are amazing things, and the young brain even more so. Children are constantly absorbing everything around them, be it language, social norms, patterns, and numbers, or any of the thousands of other things this world has to teach them. And while they’re doing all that learning, they’re also busy creating their own rules and worlds to play in! Your child’s brain is constantly at work developing their personality and their interests, absorbing and compiling endless streams of information, and directing energy into growing and developing their bodies! All that hard work is precisely what makes a consistent bedtime so important; in order to keep up with all these tasks, the brain needs to rest and refuel every night. But for many children, settling their minds long enough to comfortably fall asleep and stay asleep proves to be a real struggle. That’s why getting the Best Weighted Blanket For Kids who have trouble sleeping makes a world of difference in both your life and theirs.

As caregivers, it is our responsibility to make sure our kids are getting everything they need to grow up healthy and strong. Healthy diets, good schools, and enriching activities to encourage the growth of their minds and their bodies are all crucial things only we can provide our children. When your child is truly struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own, it falls on you to find the tools and the right solution to this obstacle to help them overcome it.

The first step is to understand the problem. Yes, some children dislike bedtime because it isn’t exciting or because it means an end to playtime, but children who genuinely struggle to fall or stay asleep aren’t climbing out of bed due to simple boredom. Much like we see in adults, a number of mental and physical conditions can impact your child’s sleep patterns. All those sleepless nights could be a result of anxiety keeping your child’s mind running, unable to settle down into a restful state, or runoff energy from a hyperactivity disorder could be making it too hard to lay still. Children with sensory processing disorders or who fall on the autistic spectrum may feel distressed by the sensation of their beds and bedding and become quite upset when forced to sleep in them. Even something as simple as restless legs can keep a child awake no matter how hard they try to sleep. It’s important to carefully listen to your child and pay attention to the reasons that may underline their struggle before you move on to the next step: finding a solution.

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If you think your child’s sleep struggle is caused by any number of the issues mentioned above, then the solution you’re seeking could very well be a weighted blanket. The best weighted blanket for kids, the Huggaroo, has been used to help children facing all of these struggles, be they mental or physical, and has successfully helped thousands of kids transform their restless nights into the fulfilling good night’s sleep they deserve. That’s because the Huggaroo Weighted Blanket (7lb, Chenille), as well as it’s Minky counterpart, tackles both the physical and the mental obstacles that are keeping your child awake. Children with sensory processing disorders find the ultra-plush texture of Huggaroo’s weighted blankets to be greatly satisfying, while the gentle and evenly distributed 7lbs of weight is grounding. In fact, Huggaroo’s weighted blankets offer a form of Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS), the likes of which we can experience through loving hugs from people we’re close to, but without the sort of interpersonal contact that often makes children on the spectrum terribly uncomfortable. DPS plays a major role in soothing our minds as well, as it signals for the brain to turn away from the fight or flight mode that causes anxiety, and shift instead to the calm and content state we enter whenever we feel safe and loved.

In short, weighted blankets soothe overactive minds and provide extreme comfort to children who are restless or unhappy in their beds, and by taking away these obstacles they encourage the mind to ease into a state of rest. And while there are plenty of weighted blankets on the market today, what makes the Huggaroo the best weighted blanket for kids is its superior quality, craftsmanship, and the 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee. There is absolutely nothing to lose in giving the Huggaroo a try when it could completely change your child’s life for the better. Log on to to order yours today.

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