How Mobile Shelving Reduces Your Storage Footprint


As commercial businesses grow, so do their storage needs. Static storage shelves can be a great option, but what happens when your need for storage outgrows your available storage space? If your floor space is beginning to look like a maze of shelf bays, then here is how high-density mobile shelving can reduce your storage footprint.

But first, there are some quick important questions you need to ask yourself before implementing mobile storage solutions.

  • What types of items will be stored?

Knowing what types of items will be stored in the compact storage system is important. Will it be storing bulky and heavy items? Are the items highly valuable or fragile? Do the items have any storage requirements such as a certain temperature, sensitive to light damage or need to be accessed constantly throughout the day?

  • How much space do you have to work with?

To make sure it fits, you will need to know the exact measurements of the space the mobile shelving system is fitting into. Do you know the exact height, length and width dimensions? Not only this, but you will also need to consider additional factors such as will it be placed next to nearby doors, windows or high-traffic areas?

An intelligent use of space

Rows of traditional static shelves are a great storage option, but they can become a hindrance once your storage space becomes too small. Mobile storage solutions not only increase your storage space but also reduce your storage footprint.

Rather than having large spaces between each aisle, high-density mobile shelving instead intelligently utilises the space by compacting each aisle together and extending when in use. These compact storage systems can also be custom made according to your specific requirements and storage needs.


Quick and convenient access

Your staff need quick and easy access when storing and retrieving inventory items throughout the day. Running along low-profile floor tracks on heavy-duty wheels, compact mobile shelving allows each individual aisle to easily slide along the tracks when being accessed.

This can be done by simply turning the handle located at the front of each bay if manually operated. If you opt for a mechanically assisted storage system, then this is done with the simple press of a button. With this set-up, you can double your storage capacity without sacrificing any additional storage space.

Increased security

An additional benefit is that it also provides increased security and management over your stored items. This is ideal for industries such as museums and hospitals where there are multiple departments accessing items from the same storage area.

Depending on the design of your mobile storage solution and your application needs, you can lock individual bays that can only be accessed by approved staff members. This is all controlled by simply accessing the control pad and assigning each bay accordingly. If you are looking to reduce your storage footprint while increasing your storage space, search online for a high-density mobile shelving manufacturer today.


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