How to Access Webmail in HostGator – Check Ultimate Guide

hostgator webmail login email

Webmail is an online process of handling the email accounts and you can access email accounts with multiple software. Access webmail in HostGator to provides an unlimited number of web-based email accounts with every hosting plan.

To access HostGator email accounts, you require webmail software support or application, that software is called webmail clients.

HostGator support three webmail applications that mean webmail clients. They allow you to create free emails on hosting accounts. You can access the HostGator webmail login email in various ways. These are usually best Linux web hosting India free email accounts that are operated from a website.

There are some ways to access webmail in HostGator.

  • HostGator webmail login through cPanel account.
  • Check the HostGator webmail login with a direct URL.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is an online control panel to simplify website and server management. It allows you to publish websites, organize web files, manage domains, create email accounts, and many more.

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the web hosting service. Many cheap unlimited reseller hosting companies provide cPanel to customers as a section of their hosting package.

cPanel has two interfaces, 

  1. User interface – Which is called cPanel 
  2. Server management interface – Which is called Web Host Manager (WHM). 

This allows users to maintain and control their website and supplies hosting providers with tools to manage the server.

HostGator Webmail login through cPanel account


When you have to access webmail in HostGator first, you have to go HostGator cPanel webmail login page.

Then you need to enter “username” and “password” to login the HostGator cPanel account.        

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After login into the HostGator webmail cPanel account, there are many settings options available on your screen.

Now scroll down the page and go tothe “Mail” section.

Then click on the “Email Accounts” icon located under the Mail section.


On the right of the email account, click onthe “More” drop-down button.


Then you have to click on the “Access Webmail” option.

  1. Select the webmail application that you want to use.
  2. Now you can access your email through cPanel.


After following all previous procedures, the email account will be open and you will be asked to enter your email password.

Enter the email password and go ahead with the process.


After login, you will be asked to select the HostGator webmail application that you want to use.

HostGator is offering 3 webmail applications to access the email account.

They are:

  • SquirrelMail
  • Horde
  • RoundCube

Now choose anyone HostGator webmail application to access your email account. Now you are done.

check webmail in hostgator

This is the complete process to access webmail in HostGator through the cPanel account.

HostGator webmail login with Direct Link

You can also access the HostGator webmail login email with the direct URL link. This is the simple and easiest way to access the webmail in HostGator server. So most of the users prefer this type of webmail login.

This direct link webmail access is mainly for email users who don’t have the cPanel access.


Open your web browser to access the check HostGator email account.


Now enter direct URL:

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Ex: –


After entering the URL you will redirect to the webmail homepage and you need to enter credentials access to check webmail in HostGator.

You can choose either way to access webmail HostGator account, but the second way is a simple one and takes less time to access webmail in HostGator.

These are the complete procedure to access HostGator webmail through cPanel account and without cPanel account.

HostGator is one of the known Web hosting providers in the web hosting business. They offer various web hosting plans to their customers, and every plan allows you to access webmail in the HostGator account.

There are some of the best HostGator alternatives such as DomainRacer, Hostinger they also provide the top quality features with affordable costing and great support.

They provide 24×7 client support by phone and chat for their customer queries with 99% uptime to the hosted websites.

The best web hosts using cPanel are:

HostGator is one of the largest and best web hosting providers that use cPanel. They provide WordPress installs with unlimited webmail account, a free domain and SSL certificate, and 24/7 support.


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