How to Avoid Overbookings inthe Online Booking Engines


Hotel Bookingis definitely something that cannot be denied and you simply can’t omit it out of the session. Because, whenever you are planning to have a day-trip or might a long weekend you would certainly need perfect room for ease. Then at times, an online hotel booking engine is the one that works as a savior and comes handy. But, many times these engines do have to face a lot overbooking that ends up ruining the image by not opting for the right strategy. Here, you would all about why do overbookings occur and how to get rid of them.


To know the solution you first need to know the cause, because for every cause there is a reason. There are certain reasons which are as under, moreover, these reasons will help you to grow better and avoid such mistakes.

  • You, as a controller of Hotel Booking Engines you get a feeling that if there would not be enough booking you might end up having to face the loss. So, better to avoid such things because you cannot accommodate 100 if you have 80 rooms.
  • At times, to gain more profit you hand over some accommodation to other companies and refuse to work as asole company but this is where you lack and this is something that you must not be looking for.
  • To update the room inventory manually is something that makes your time slower and results in overbookings.


Here, is what you were looking for that is what the best ways are to avoidoverbookings in the online hotel booking engines:

  1. Deal with Channel Management:
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It is certainly the best way to deal with overbookings because this Channel Management system is a process that defines and deals with hotel management, inventory, and online distribution channels that helpin avoiding the overbookings, which is our main cause. Moreover, a Channel Management does not only stop here and but also, the management system helps the channel in upgrading the rate of occupancy all around the OATs that entertains the guests with the perfect and correct information also, tells about that which channel has been used and which is not.

Adding to that, a channel manager can help you with the tracking of distribution channelsand helps you in work withquality hotel booking engines.

  • Avoid Hotel Under Booking: 

At times, when you are a large company you have to have numerous distribution channels because it brings revenue and profit to the company. So, many times it happens that you have allotted some of the rooms to a channel and a result is 100% but, there is another one of which the result is not 100% but lesser, so, now your company has to face the consequences and effects the growth of online hotel booking engines.

To avoid such things you need to keep a track that which distribution channel is not doing great and which is providing the full result. Then draw a sketch and work accordingly.

  • Try To Handle Double Bookings:

It is certain that mistake is a part of life and you cannot deny with that because if there are no mistakes there is no success and when there is no success how would you name your company? Double booking is something that jams hotel booking engines and results in overbookings. But, there is always a solution to a problem. The solution is a CHANNEL MANAGER! Yes, it is.

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Channel Manager is the one that would help to manage your engine and hotel deliberately, moreover, it is the one that designs a work for you that if your engine is working efficiently, or the rooms and services are been allotted or not. The problem of the double booking occurs in the inventory management department, so, if your department is working perfectly then you would not need to have a channel manager.

WRAPPING UP: when you are clear about your vision you work astonishingly and when there are some edges and grudges you would not work anyhow. So, when there is a hotel you have to be efficient and productive but, not more than required neither the less. For instance, there is a glass of 250 grams and you have filled that to the 200 grams and serve, it would be an injustice with the consumer and if you have filled that glass to 260 grams (which is technicallynot possible) you would be ended up spilling over everything and there would be nothing left but just a shame. Likewise, with the online hotel booking engines,you cannot load them more than itsrequirement and needs becauseyou would not need to regret, right?


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