How To Create An Eye Catching Resume Recruiter Would Love?


Your resume is your career passport, but an eye-catching resume is a career passport with visa. Proper details and clarity are the two most significant aspects of a strong resume.

Recruiters see many resumes each day. Anyhow, they don’t read them all. Some of them can’t stand to have a look at. Interestingly, the recruiters are merely waiting for something to at last grab their attention.

Try to make an eye-catching resume that recruiters will love to read till the end.

This post will give all of you the tips and tricks you must be aware of writing an eye-catching resume that will definitely get noticed.

Make sure to read till the end to make your resume the best that you get selected quickly.

So, let’s get started.

Writing An Eye-Catching Resume That Will Get Noticed

To get a clear understanding of how to write one, we have broken down the entire post into simpler key elements that will have your resume blowing some people’s minds.’

  1. Make sure to write a strong resume objective and resume summary

If you mess up this part up, the hiring manager won’t read the rest. Go for the resume objective in case you’re fresher and highlight your skills and goals. The resume summary is for you if you have good work experience and you can incline toward your professional training and expertise. Also write the appropriate resume headline.

  • Add some number to make resume catchy

Nothing is more attractive than numbers on a resume. The advantage is double: numbers make a more grounded, more comfortable to understand statement than words do. Also, they take less space on the page. Rather than saying “increment in income and sales” state “15% increase in sales and increment in the income of $27K.”

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I hope you clearly see the difference?

  • Incorporate your soft skills

In the present workforce, soft skills are, in reality, more significant than hard skills.

I know you must be thinking, why?

 Hard skills can be instructed, for instance, training if required. Soft skills require a lot of efforts for developing. Recruiters will be happy when they see the soft skills they need on your resume.

  • Properly tailor your resume

Is your resume generic one? “Indeed, please” stated no recruiter ever. Tailoring your resume to the organization and position you’re applying to will show that you’re not kidding and not merely spamming hiring managers left and right.

  • Use bullet points

You’re searching for a new job, not just writing the next incredible, American novel. Keep it short and smart and make it simpler for the hiring supervisor to skim and read. They’ll thank you for it.

  • Format your resume like an ace

Take a look at any expert in any field—they all look like it. The equivalent goes for your resume and resume format. Ensure your resume format is clear, compact, and smooth and that your resume spacing, margins and fonts are generally excellent.

  • Include your hard and technical skills

You’ll generally find that hard skills prerequisites in any job advertisement are a must. So forgetting about them on your resume will make you a great hit. Try not to list all the hard skills you have in one go. Keep it applicable to what the hiring manager needs.

Technical skills are always valuable to include since almost everything has something to do with technology. Try not to be unclear about it either. “Great writing knowledge” doesn’t generally mean anything. Get specific, include level bars or resume icons if you can.

  • Show your Social Networking profile
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A LinkedIn profile can be quite powerful as far as getting a recruiter to learn about you before they even approach you for an interview. Before you include it in your resume header, ensure it’s correctly updated. Else you can hurt your chances of getting selected. 

  • Incorporate resume keywords

These keywords can either break or make your resume since loads of organizations utilize an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to examine resumes and fish out the keywords that they’re searching for, and the rate resumes based on that. Make sure to use industry keywords and those in the job advertisement to raise your chances of getting selected.

  1. Include volunteer experience

 We often ignore volunteering because individuals consider that nobody thinks about it. But, it’s False. Instead, it can really demonstrate that you have the right skills and experience the HR team is searching for. It doesn’t make a difference that you volunteer for free after all work is work, be it paid or free. This is particularly significant for freshers with practically no work experience.

  1. Make sure to flaunt your foreign language skills

In the age of globalization and currently, foreign language information is something that plays massively in favour of you. Make a point to clarify what level your foreign language knowledge is at. Don’t lie about it, interviewers will check.

  1. Represent yourself through your projects

These projects are an extraordinary method to show your expertise and skills at work, and they’re not only for project-focus positions either. Clearly mention what you did, how it worked, and how you defeated the struggles along the way. The recruiters will adore it.

  1. Incorporate your awards and achievements
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This isn’t about mentioning and boasting your gold star at your fifth-grade spelling bee. Include those achievements and awards that will show the hiring manager that you’re actually a specialist in your field.

  1. Don’t rush to include your photograph

Gone are the days while adding a photo to your resume was necessary (except if you’re a model, on-screen character, or similar). Presently it’s considered more to be something that can possibly prompt hiring discrimination. Keep your photograph off, they’ll see you during the meeting. 

To Wrap Up

You don’t need to incorporate every tip to make an eye-catching resume, yet sprinkle in those that bode well in your particular circumstance and watch hiring manager stand up and notice you join.


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