How to Create an Instagram Content Plan for Your Business?


Creating engaging content is the key to making followers and potential followers like your page. However, at times businesses find it hard to come up with relatable content. As a content writer, I always envied a friend who came up with the most relatable content for Cox Internet in all the creative ways. Here’s what she taught me regarding creating a content plan for Instagram:

Clarification on the Lifestyle

Before you plunge into creating content, take some time to think about the lifestyle that your product or service is selling. You might be selling bikinis. If that is the scenario in question, then you should promote travel inspirations, some wanderlust quotes or packing tips through your Instagram posts with your followers.

However, if you sell sports gear, then your grid will be very different. In this case, for example, you can share motivational quotes, or select a different sport every week and post about it. The options are unlimited. You have to be creative. It is not difficult, though. Just focus on the lifestyle that you are trying to promote and things will start falling in place for you.

Planning Tool

No matter how organized you claim to be, one can always forget things. Therefore, it is recommended for you to get yourself a planning tool. This will allow you to plan your content well ahead of time. And that too in a very smooth way. You cannot always go about filing papers only to trash them later.

Many tools out there can help you with planning your content. For example, the Plann app. This tool allows you to upload and edit your photos. Apart from that, it also helps you to draft your captions and schedule to post at the set time. Not only this, but you can also review your analytics and search for hashtags using this tool. See? All in one. Planning tools make organization and planning seem like a piece of cake.

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Creating Content Themes

If you happen to go with a planning tool, it will also facilitate you in content themes. You do not have to worry about creating them from scratch. The planning tools come equipped with pre-loaded content themes. Hence, saving the time that you would have otherwise spent creating these themes. However, if you wish to add a theme of your own, you can always do it in these apps as well.

The Visual Appeal

Instagram is all about visual appeal. And if there is anything that you should be doing right on Instagram that is making your visual game strong. But you have to be very creative about this. Some brands end up messing up their grid because they lack the creativity that it takes to make your grid visually attractive. Before you start putting your images in place, you have to think about how they would look together. Will they complement the older posts?

Some of the things that you should keep in mind include:

  • Consistency in color palette
  • Grid patterns

Think of your Instagram grid as a huge puzzle. And your posts the pieces of the puzzle. If they go well together, the puzzle looks complete. If not, well, you know how that ends up.

User-Generated Content

Your customers are perhaps your best marketers. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your tags and mentions. Collect the videos and photos that people post while using your product or service and post it in your stories or on your page. However, do not forget to ask the people who tagged you for their permission to repost the picture/video.

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It does not necessarily have to be a photo or a video. An appreciation message or a positive comment can also make for a great story to post. This not only validates your brand but also brings more customers your way.

Influencer Marketing

If your budget allows, you can also make use of influencer marketing. Instagram influencers have millions of engaged followers. And if you get one or more of them to review your product or model for your brand, you can see your business grow rapidly. However, you have to make sure that you contact an influencer who promotes a lifestyle or products that resonate well with what your company offers.

For example, if your company sells sports gear, you would want to contact a travel blogger. But keep in mind that Instagram influencers have both a negative and positive image. The negative part kicks in when they tag their posts as ‘paid Partnerships’ or ‘Sponsored’. These mentions put the followers into confusion as to whether the review is authentic or not.

If you are currently running a business, I would suggest creating an Instagram page if you haven’t already. And if you do have one, please start paying attention to it and create amazing content for it. I was hired as a content manager by a startup. I remember staying within the Cox service area whenever I went out – I knew my boss could ask me for something anytime. And I had to post it wherever I was. I also suggested my manager to opt for a planning tool. The best part? She agreed!


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