How to Make your Quarantine a Blessed Quran Time


We know that we are in tightening grip of Covid-19 from 2020. This disease is still ongoing across the globe. More and more countries are trying to slow down the speed of the disease.  Several states have announced lockdowns and cancellations of social gatherings.

Another saddening Corona impact that has deeply shaken the Global God fearers is the continuous closure of worshipping spots like Mosques, temples and churches.  The most unusual phenomenon is seen in Muslim Middle East which took the drastic step to ban the grandest Muslim gathering sites of Arabian twin cities of Makkah and Madinah.

The whole Muslim community is still dubious whether their pious Muslim fellas would be able to perform their most significant Hajj ritual or not.  The Hajj and Umrah guides are still unsure.  The Saudi Ministry is still concerned about the healthcare so it is very obvious that the Muslim itinerary guides may be hesitant of making Hajj arrangements with their Economy Hajj Packages.

The people are in chronic Corona stress. They have been stranded within their homes. The human movement has drastically decreased.  The growing sense of loneliness and self-Quarantine has created a havoc on people’ mental health.

Don’t be Sad on Hajj Cancelation

But I request all my Hajj intender brothers and sisters that everything happens for our own good. The sense of piety and Allah’s love is the main requisite of our Deen.  Always remember that Kaaba is our Qibla means an inevitable direction of our prayers. The mere spiritual visitations of Holy sites is not the way to Allah ( SWT)’s will.

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These blessed ways are even easier than the arduous Muslim journeys.  Among these are offering five time prayers, doing Dhikr, recite Holy Quran and charity to deserving ones.

Fend off Corona Stress through Quran Recitation

The proud faith keepers must not forget that they have Allah (SWT) with them. They possess his glorious doctrine which is none other than the mighty Holy Quran. It is an ultimate spiritual medicine for every stressed nerve.

I know that many of us have long postponed the Quran recitation due to some pretext or an extreme robotic life of the world.

Don’t you think that Corona is a Divine wakeup call for us to lighten up our dark hearts with the soothing light of the Holy Quran? It’s simply yes.

Now take out this flawless book that has long been kept in the Quran cover. Open it, learn it and try to understand it.

You can make your stressed Quarantine a laid back Quran time by following some simple steps like the following

Pick Translation

We know that Quran is revealed in Arabic to our beloved Holy Prophet ( SAW). But Arabic is not our mother language.  Many of us read it but don’t bother to thoroughly understand it. In your quarantine, ask yourself it is fair? Is it enough? Its surely not.

So this Quarantine can be your best time to learn and understand it in your own language that you speak. The easiest way to do this is to pick up some authentic Quranic translations of the some significant translators who have translated in your own mother tongue.

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Analyze it through Tafsir (detailed explanation)

It’s certain that you have plenty of spare time to get through this holiest book of life. But for the better understanding you must read/ learn it in parts.  So it’s advisable to divide its Surahs in parts based on the topic, content stories and theme.

Its highly suggested to pick the Quran explanatory books ( Tafsirul Quran ) through the most trusted and authentic sources to avoid any misconception.

Listen to what Allah is saying to you.

Write what you learn from Quran

The different surahs of this miraculous book contain different stories, topics, subjects and themes.  It beautifully covers our entire life aspects. So it’s better to write with your hand what you learn from Quran.

It is also sound to write up your own personal thoughts, and reflections based on the understanding of your chosen Quran explanatory books (Tafsir)

Listen to Quran Recitation

The soulful tone of the Holy Quran is the soothing source of mental peace and serenity in times of trouble and anxiety. In your Quarantine time soothe your ears with awe-inspiring recitation of the Holy Quran.

The internet is brimmed with several ear soothing Quran reciters. You just need to pick the one whose appeasing voice clicks your ear and heart.

Have the most Blessed Quran time in your Quarantine.


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