How to Resolve Inconsistent Image Printing Issues?


These uses of printers are many. Students can get the prints of their study notes, assignments, and other exam stuff. The professionals use the printers to maintain their official documentation while the photography experts use high-quality printing machines to preserve graphics and pictures in the hard copies.

A cursory view of the mentioned users indicates that photo-printing requires higher preciseness in quality to meet the requirements of the individuals. For example, textile designing printing should have the same quality and colors as in the soft copy. The need for quality is significantly a prime objective in photo-printers. But, inconsistency in images after printing can deteriorate the whole work.

Are you facing the same issue while printing photographs? Consider the article to the end to get useful tips to resolve inconsistency issues in picture printing.

Top Tips for Resolving Consistency Issues in Image Printing

You surely have experienced this issue when printing the images that it appears fainted, streaky, or blurry. Even the mentions problems can occur altogether, making it a worse print ever! It is known as inconsistent output or consistency issues in image printing.

Here are given a few tips to help you deal with these issues to end up getting clean, bright, and desired colored images. Keep reading:

Get a top Quality Printer

The first and foremost important task to avoid disappointment while printing images is to maintain a top-quality printer. If you are new to it, consider having Xerox Abu Dhabi based printers to eliminate consistency issues. No doubt, buying reliable machines can help you accomplish the tasks with utmost perfection.

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Clear PrintHead

If you have an advanced level printer, you may not have to face such issues.It is because modern machines use high-quality ink that doesn’t get dried. In other cases, the images get faded owing to dry ink gets clogged in the printhead.  You should consider cleaning the printhead manually with a piece of cloth. If it does not work, run the utility to get rid of the blockage in the ink nozzle. Do the given:

  • Go to printer software and click “preferences.”
  • Now select the “maintenance” tab and pick “Utilities.”
  • Click on the option “Head Cleaning.”

Consider appropriate paper

The main reason for blurry images is the wrong selection of images. Depending on the type of image (simple or complex), you should consider selecting an appropriate type of paper for printing. A few types of printing papers include bright white, matte, card stock, and glossy.  After the selection task is done, you should consider checking for proper setting are applied depending on the image size, style, and paper type. Remember! Inkjet printing papers are not suitable for laser printing – so, pick the papers accordingly.

Check for ink availability

Sometimes, the users face image inconsistency issues while printing because ink gets dried completely or finished. So, you should check for the availability of ink to avoid the fainted output.  There may be the case that ink got leaked within the printer, causing streaked lines on the paper. In both situations, you should consider checking for the ink cartridge to avoid the issues.

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Replace toner cartridge

Sometimes, image printing gets disturbed owing to the old weary toner cartridge. So, replacing the ink cartridge in time can let you accomplish printing tasks without any issue.  It is suggested buying the best quality toners for consistent image printing. In a case that you are using the Xerox Abu Dhabi Printing machine, you should buy the toner from the same vendors to avoid the issues of non-compatibility. Don’t forget to shake the cartridge smoothly before you attach it to the printer.

Adjust the printer settings

Last but not least, you should check for the appropriate setting in accordance with your paper and color patterns of the image. It is essential because a contradiction in the color settings and image texture can lead to inconsistency. Go to printer settings and adjust the color scheme as your desired sets.

Keynote on preventing image inconsistency issues!

Summing up, image inconsistency problems can significantly lead to utter disappointment on the part of users because it ruins the whole picture. So, avoiding such issues can help you get your image printed perfectly well.  Hopefully, the given tips will help you done well – all the best for printing!


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