How To Start VigLinks Affiliate Program (Step bt Step Guide)

How To Start VigLinks Affiliate Program

VigLink is a San Francisco-based, outbound-traffic monetization service for publishers, forums, and bloggers. VigLink specializes in in-text advertising and marketing. VigLink  was founded in March 2009 by the company CEO Oliver Roup

In 2012, Oliver Roup reported VigLink was working on 5 billion pages per month.

As of November 2014, VigLink has raised $27.34 million and is working with 63,000 online retailers including EBay, Target, Amazon, and more.

Viglinks is a very rewarding website which pays you for almost absolutely nothing, It only monetizes your pre-written content on your social media or website, blog, forum and sorts. (Yeah it’s as easy as that)

The following guide walks you through signing up for VigLink from the publisher’s/affiliate perspective. If a publisher is interested in joining VigLink, they can click “Sign Up” on the upper navigation bar on


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You can sign up by mail, just by first entering the email address you want associated with the VigLink account.

After putting your mail, there would be an email sent to the mail you entered in order to confirm your mail

After clicking their confirmation link, then you would be prompted to enter and confirm your password, as well as indicate agreement to both the VigLink’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .


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Then the next is filling in original details on how Viglinks can get in touch, that is your original contact details.

Ensure you fill original information because there may be verifications before your acceptance or after you begin affiliation with Viglinks.

STEP 3 (First Campaign)

The you can then create your first “campaign.” In VigLink publisher system, a campaign represents the website, social media handle, forum, app, etc, that a publisher intends to use VigLink on, that is the website or blog or sorts in which you want Viglink to place their links for your commissions.

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In the example here, let’s say you are setting up a blog. Then select a category (which helps the performance of products like VigLink Insert, which we’ll cover shortly); a type (which helps with Insert and internal initiatives from Marketing, Network Quality, etc); and a platform (also helps with Insert and Support troubleshooting).

Upon setting up this first campaign, the affiliate marketer can check on or off VigLink Insert; they can always change this setting later as they wish .Publishers are encouraged to set up multiple campaigns to represent different websites, for example, or different parts of their business (e.g. a website; the website’s Facebook page; the website’s forum; etc). You can set up additional campaigns at anytime from the Publisher’s Dashboard.


After the “Total Signup” process then you would be sent to the “Introduce VigLink” page – the main page they are appeared as a major aspect of their VigLink Publisher Dashboard. As portrayed in the on-page guidelines, distributers duplicate the JavaScript snippet and paste it to the HTML layout of their site before the end </body> tag.

The piece contains a one of a kind alphanumeric API key that distinguishes them in VigLink’s framework so statistics and income are estimated effectively.

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You can also find guides on how to install on platforms like, for example, on wordpress  VigLink offers a plugin for easy install. For more videos on specific installations for different platforms, visit the Viglinks support.

Once you are through with the full setup, page views will start to track, but no clicks will affiliate (thus no revenue will be earned) . Viglinks has a network team which would subject your website to verification test. After it passes the test then your clicks and earnings would be affiliated.

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After installation, you can explore the rest of the Publisher Dashboard, starting with the Dashboard tab. The Dashboard tab allows users to explore page views, CTR (click-through rate), gross sales, affiliated clicks, EPC (earnings per-click) and revenue in full detail. Also worth noting:

When data populates the dashboard, publishers/affiliates can use the chart feature to easily, visually track performance over any time span they like (it defaults to past 30 days).

The Dashboard updates view and click data once per day at 6:00 a.m. EST/9:00 a.m. PST. Revenue updates about four times per day. The current day’s data will show up on the dashboard next-day.

VigLink Insert adds/insert links for brand and merchant names that appear in the content on you the publisher/affiliate’s site.

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To start with Viglink you need to have some sort of web Publishing inventory that you’ve made, it can be either a blog on your own or a forum, if you are a forum owner. The latest feature that Viglink has – is Viglink Anywhere that helps you monetize the links from your social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.

This way you can earn money from the content that you already created, without any additional effort. Viglink helps to make revenue out of your existing content, by monetizing the traffic that sits on your website or social media.

What Viglink essentially does are these three;

  1. Monetizes product names by linking them to merchant websites, if you forgot to link it manually, Viglink will do that programmatically. One of the jobs of the snippet you inserted
  2. Viglink finds other phrases in your content that Advertisers want to buy programmatically – this is where they are really adding value by creating a revenue channel out of nothing, they sell keywords from your content that wouldn’t be otherwise monetized.
  3. Lastly, you can create a shortcut link, that will be affiliated, but it won’t be visible with all the link tail parameters in the URL. So those short cut URLs can be used in the social media. if your audience followed the link and bought something on the merchant website then you will be rewarded with the affiliated revenue share as a traffic source.
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Here are all the process needed to be done before you can start Viglink affiliating or Publishing. Drop comments or questions if there are any.



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