Is Your Page Eligible For Rich Results ? A New Tool by Google


Structured data, rich snippets, featured snippets, rich cards, and rich results, these days are almost over! “Rich results” is the new name for all Google’s special search results and enhancements.

As a marketer, those terms are not new to you. They aimed to make search results stand out by combining additional information in the form of images, review stars and others.

How to test your site for rich results?

Google announced a simple test tool on their official webmasters blog. With this, you can easily find out if your site is eligible to display in SERP as part of the rich results. If you provide a valid URL, you can know about your site’s eligibility in a few seconds.

There is already a testing tool

It is a well-structured data testing tool. This tool tells you whether your markup is valid. But it doesn’t tell you whether it is eligible for rich results. But the rich results tool gives you a validation of markup and a preview of how it looks like.

If your web page eligible for rich results, you can get an idea from SERP. But at the same time, there is no guarantee that your site will appear as a rich snippet in Google SERP.

Review your page and send to Google

The tool highlights any invalid code. So you know what to fix. After verifying your site, you can send it to Google for indexing.

Implement configured data

It is well known that Google prefers well-structured and up-to-date websites. With RankBrain in mind, you need to quickly process the structured data on your website. Avoid running your website without structured data.

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Structured data that Google prefers

Google supports structured data in three formats. They are JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. But the format recommended by Google is JSON-LD. JSON-LD stands for ‘JavaScript Object Notation – Linked Data. And it is presented in Javascript format.

The role of other tools in rich results

You want to know what snippets and information Google is featuring about your business in its SERPs, many sites offering ways to find your featured snippets. Using SEMrush domain search, you can track when and which snippets are used.

Google can disable your rich results

Spamming isn’t limited to content and links. Instead, there are webmasters who try to play the system through deceptively structured data markup as well. This is a very unfortunate thing. If Google finds any spammy structured data, it will disable your rich results, and also give a manual penalty for your site.

So follow the Google’s Structured Data General Guidelines. This way you can make sure your data is acceptable.

Technically, structured data isn’t required

Both the terms ‘rich results’ and ‘structured data’ go hand-in-hand. But as it turns out, you don’t need the structured data markup to get the result.

If you want to show rich results, it is usually recommended to use a structured data markup for your content. Because as rich results without appearing markup are rare.


Rich results are invaluable in their ability to show meaningful results to searchers and to answer relevant questions immediately.


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