Know more about Reseller Hosting plans and Domain Reseller Services


If you want to start your own Reseller Hosting Business, then you need to compare all services and products offered by top web hosting companies. Comparison may be based on plans, prices, key features, reviews, reputation of companies and more. Finding various plans offered by different web hosting companies may be difficult, but it can be simpler with  It can provide you all information about top web hosting companies along with various plans. You can get chance to compare these plans and make decision. You can get a chance to check and compare the leading hosting providers best pricing and Reseller Hosting plans from a single page.

Reseller web hosting is a type of hosting where you can use your bandwidth and HD space to host websites owned by 3rd parties. You can buy the host services on wholesale and sells portions of it to clients to earn margin. You need renting a Dedicated Server or buying a Reseller Hosting account from a webhost to resell the services. You can earn money on each sale in the form of commission, so you can go for it.

Reseller Hosting plans:

If you want to choose Best Plan with free WHMCS with most powerful billing platform, then you can find all plans offered by different web hosting companies easily. You will be redirected to a single page where you will see the details. If we talk about Resellerclub Reseller Hosting Reviews, then they state so many good and bad things about this plan. This company offers 50 GB HDD web space, 1000 GB bandwidth, unlimited client accounts, free backup, on-call support, free SSL, free migration and more. As per reviews, this plan can be beneficial as it comes with pros like multiple server location, varnish caching, cloud flare integration, free reseller account, free SSL and more. Some cons are live chat only for sales, HDD hosting environment, some room for improvement in control panel UI.

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If you want to start reseller hosting with it, then it can be a good option. It has improved the support system and you can find the plan within your budget too. You should also check out Greengeeks Reseller Hosting Reviews and Inmotion Reseller Hosting Review to know more about other options.

Domain Reseller Services:

Choosing a right domain reseller program is very tricky. This is not as simple as choosing a host. It is not just about comparing few things like support, bandwidth and web space. It is about various TLDs and different pricing allows you to compare such services offered by many service providers. You can find the right one at best price for all TLDs. Some may charge for WHOIS Protection.

Each domain reseller program has its own pros and cons. You should go with one account if you are a beginner and want to start your web hosting business. You should go with the best one that offers reasonable services like Free WHOIS Protection for all TLDs.

Some companies may offer expensive services but they may prove beneficial in so many ways, so try to find out the best one. Some companies may offer very expensive WHOIS Privacy addon. You should consider all the factors before finalizing any.

Some domain reseller programs that you can choose including enom, reseller club, namesilo and more. You can check out them and take your final decision. This is something that you should know about reseller hosting and domain reseller services. You can earn a lot of profit, if you play wise.


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