Longer Waiting Period For Partner Visa Approval Causing Distress Among The People


Australian government offers many visas to reunite families in Australia. One of the significant and famous parts of family visa Australia is the partner visa. The partner visa is for the partners of Australian residents and citizens to come to Australia and live with them there. It allows them to enjoy the same facilities in Australia as their partner is. As we all know, Australia provides amazing modern amenities for its residents. The people living in Australia enjoy a modern lifestyle, quality education, better work opportunities, and a beautiful environment. The partners of Australian citizens holding a partner visa can also enjoy all these facilities and opportunities. But as Australia has a very large number of international migrants and so the probability of partner visa application is also very high. This creates a very large flux of parent visa aspirants that can sometimes lead to serious problems. In this article, we will have a look at these problems so one should have an idea of them before applying for these visas.

What visa subclasses comes under partner visa Australia?

A partner visa is for the married couple, a couple in a de facto relationship or an engaged couple. One of the partners in these relationships must be an Australian national, Australian permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen. Partner visa is divided into two categories according to the presence of the applicant in Australia or outside Australia. These categories are as following:

Onshore partner visa subclass 820/801

Onshore partner visa, as the name suggests is for the applicant living in Australia when they plan to apply for this visa. This visa lets the applicant who must be a married partner or in a de facto relationship with one of the following:

  • Australian citizen
  • Australian permanent resident
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen
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To live in Australia with their partners. A temporary visa that is subclass 820 is granted first that lets its holder live in Australia temporarily until permanent partner visa subclass 801 is granted to them.

For applying for this visa one must also satisfy all health and character requirements.

Offshore partner visa subclass 309/100

For applying for this visa the applicant should be living outside Australia at the time of application. This visa allows the married partner or a de facto partner of one of the followings:

  • Australian citizen
  • Australian permanent resident
  • Eligible New Zealand citizen

To come and live in Australia. Partner visa subclass 301 is first granted to the applicant that allows them to stay in Australia temporarily until the process of their permanent visa subclass 100 is completed.

The applicant can apply for both a temporary and permanent visa at the same time. The applicant should also fulfill health and character requirements.

Problems in the partner visa application process

As Australia is among one of the favorite destinations among the international migrants as it offers many chances for a talented person to grow and groom. Every year many people apply for Australian permanent residency and get it. After getting Australian PR one wants his or her partner if they have any to come to Australia to join them. But as there is a huge number to Australian migrants in Australia so the number of people applying for an Australian partner visa is also very high. This great pressure of a large flux of parent visa applications causes many problems.

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The problem that comes at top of this list is longer waiting periods. Australian partner visas are experiencing delays in grants especially these days which is causing distress among the couple waiting to get a partner visa so that they can live together in Australia and start their lives as a family. Temporary visit visas grants for the partners who wish to visit their partners in Australia are also reduced by a considerable amount. Hopefully, these problems will be resolved soon so the people facing problems can be relived.

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