Pocophone F2 – Everything We Have Heard So Far


“Pocophone F2 Seems to Push Boundaries with New Features at Spectacular Price Point”

Shaking up a smartphone market is not an easy but Pocophone F1 of 2018 did it and blurred a line between flagship smartphones and mid-range affordable devices. The F1 grabbed attention of a lot of people and became Xiaomi’s sub-brand Poco’s massive hit due to its high-end internal components such as Snapdragon 845 Chipset and of course, bright and shiny 6.18-inches display.

Back in October 2019, rumours started appearing, suggested a successor of F1 named Pocophone F2 alongside expected availability and pricing details. The phone was likely to hit shelves somewhere in December 2019 or in early January 2020 – but a reason behind its delay was some changes made by Xiaomi inside it.

Smartphones news hub have been ramping up about Pocophone F2 rumours & news again along with numerous references like its name “Poco F2” which will be used across India whereas worldwide it would be known as Pocophone F2 – very much like its predecessor. We have rounded up everything here we have heard so far. So, let’s keep going!

Release Date and Price

Poco itself back on January 27th, announced February 4th 2020 as Pocophone F2 launch date but it’s yet to have happened. However, it looks like to be set for a February 2020 release in India – as far as other countries are concerned, we are short on words on, for now.

According to a tweet from @IndiaPOCO, Pocophone F2 will be all about India. The availability for other countries, however, will be appreciated.

The predecessor Pocophone F1 gone live in many countries worldwide and sold at lower and lower prices together withprompt discounts continued into late 2018 and even in early 2019. Therefore, expecting Pocophone F2 in some European countries like Germany, UK, France and others wouldn’t be wrong. 

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As for Pocophone F2 Price, a lowest-spec but flagship-level smartphone Pocophone F1 arrived on stores under $300 (~INR 20,999) and if F2 falls in between $300-350, it’ll beat all the boxes. It’s said to be loaded with state-of-the-art features and glitch-free performance and will fix all problems faced by its predecessor.

Expected Pocophone F2 Specifications

We have gathered all rumours and news, suggesting that Pocophone F2 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus Chipset – partnered with 6/8GB RAM for super-smooth performance. The company is said to add some tweaks to give users glitch-free and flawless gaming experience all day long.

Design-wise, Pocophone F2 leaks and rumours have indicated a similar design to its predecessor such as a big or wide notch, rear camera configuration in the center with a polycarbonate back. It’s also said to be unapologetically thick to sport massive battery.

In terms of display, Pocophone F2 is expected to come with a Full HD+ resolution but a little bigger – maybe 6.4-inches. The display “Technology” is said to be OLED with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. If an on-screen fingerprint scanner turns out to be true, it’ll be a major step up from its predecessor’s LCD panel.

Some design patents are showing a smartphone which looks quite like Pocophone F1 but with trendy upgrades such as a punch-hole camera for selfies and a trio-camera setup on its rear.

 Taking a look at its rumoured cameras, Pocophone F2 will come with trio-camera configuration outback which might consist of a primary camera sensor, telephoto or a depth camera sensor and an ultrawide camera sensor.

As in one of our earlier posts, Xiaomi has announced to come up with 64MP and 108MP image cameras to its smartphones – therefore, chances are Pocophone F2 will have either 64MP or 108MP as primary camera sensor. The Pocophone F1 didn’t shine in terms of camera performance but it’s promised to be improved this time with F2.

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What are Our Expectations?

The Pocophone F1 indeed won hearts of millions and we are expecting the same for its successor F2. We have listed down our expectations for F2 that might win our hearts again.

  • A Huge Battery

The Pocophone F1 arrived with 4000mAh non-removable battery in a dense body and for Pocophone F2, we are expecting a huge battery in rather a slim waistline for aesthetics.

  • Superior Display

We saw an ordinary display in 2018’ F1 with significant bezels all around and most important all, an irritating wide notch on the front. Poco should work hard to decrease its bezels all around and improve its overall screen-to-body ratio and display quality.

As most of the users love playing games like PUBG Mobile, therefore, a bigger display will be highly appreciated. It would also be great to see a higher refresh rate i.e. 120Hz for display.

  • Flagship/Premium Design

Premium design is being adopted by almost every smartphone brand even for their mid-range and affordable smartphones. The Pocophone F1 arrived with an ordinary or regular design and there was nothing surprising for many of us. The company made its rear plastic and lose quite a few important points.

The parent company Xiaomi has already moved to glass rear for its premium and mid-range devices and we are expecting this to be implemented on Pocophone F2. Although premium and eye-catching design is not mandatory but it would help F2 to beat its rivals.

  • 64MP Primary Camera

The Chinese giant Xiaomi is quite optimistic when it comes to a smartphone’s camera department. The company has rumoured to launch its Redmi smartphone with a 64MP Samsung GW1 camera sensor sooner than later. As Pocophone F2 is a mid-range smartphone but flagship-level specifications, for that reason, expecting its primary camera as 64MP wouldn’t be wrong.

  • Stereo Speakers
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Xiaomi, Razer and Huawei launched numerous gaming smartphones back in 2018 and 2019 with exquisite designs and dual front-firing speakers. With a massive 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 855 Plus Chipset, Pocophone F2 is set to launch as a gaming smartphone and hence, immersive audio will be needed. We are expecting Pocophone F2 to flaunt stereo speakers for the marvellous audio experience. And if not, Pocophone F2’s earpieces should work as a second speaker to take your gaming enjoyment to the next level.

Will Pocophone F2 Compete Redmi K20 Pro?

Redmi K20 Pro is on stores across India, housing a huge 4000mAh battery, super-powerful Snapdragon 855 chipset and other attention-grabbing features like three rear cameras and a pop-up camera for selfies and video calls. The Redmi K20 Pro set users back approx. $400 which is quite affordable but expensive as compared to Pocophone F1.

When Pocophone F2 will hit shelves in India, it may have identical/similar features onboard but it’s likely to cut corner in other areas and we are expected to see few numbers of rear cameras, LCD Display, plastic rear body, and no pop-up cameras – everything in between $300-350.

How Long You Have to Wait for It?

It’s quite difficult for us to get news of when a successor of Pocophone F1 will arrive in India and other countries. The exact amount of time cannot be described in details but Xiaomi’s Manu Kumar Jain’s image on Twitter has generated chatter online a couple of days back. Some people after having a look at whiteboard behind Jain guessed that Pocophone F2 is on its way but again, the exact release date is yet to be confirmed.

That’s all for now! Taking everything into consideration, it looks like we don’t have to wait too long to get our hands on Xiaomi Pocophone F2. However, a little wait is required before we get official details from Poco on Pocophone F2. Meanwhile, you can share your thoughts and opinions in a comment section below!


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