Remedial Measures As Far As Loss Of Hair Is Concerned


Hair thinning or loss of hair is become a prominent feature in a majority of people in modern times. Numerous factors can be attributed to this as genes or the recurring levels of stress that we are undergoing on a daily basis. Hair loss is on the rest and the best anti-medicated anti dandruff shampoo for men might be a step in the right direction. Now the question is are medications safe or do you need to adopt alternative treatment forms.

The reasons for hair fall

The moment hair falls in an excessive manner from your scalp it leads to baldness. Though it is mainly restricted to the scalp but in some people it is known to occur on the entire body

  • When a family history of hair loss occurs it is referred to as male baldness pattern or female baldness pattern
  • Hormonal changes or thyroid issues could point to hair loss
  • Certain type of hair styles where the hair becomes tight
  • Poor nutrition
  • Use of hair styling products that can lead to hair loss

With significant levels of stress, ageing , weight loss or occurrence of diseases like diabetes can also contribute to hair loss. The symptoms could vary from one individual to another once again this does depends upon the cause. Once you notice viable symptoms it is better to consult your doctor immediately. The doctor is going to ask you to be part of certain tests to figure out the exact cause of hair loss

  • A blood test
  • They are going to pull out strands of hair to figure out the stage of shedding process
  • Biopsy where a portion of the hair is plucked and send across to the lab for evaluation
  • Light microscopy in order to examine the hair is trimmed at the bases

The moment you are able to figure out the causes then you can proceed with further treatment measures.

There are certain type of treatments that can help you with hair loss. But if their occurrence is genetic there is a strong chance it can return back again. At the same time most of the medicines that are used to treat hair loss tend to have side effects like scalp irritation, possibility of prostate cancer in men or libido issues. An anti dandruff shampoo for men would also be a possible solution to get rid of dandruff.

Rather than churning in a lot of time along with money in such treatments, in case if you have mild hair fall it is better that you opt for natural treatment that do not have any side effects and are safe.

One of the best remedies in this regard is coconut oil as it can dig deep into the hair shafts and prevent hair loss.  This is going to help you deal with the physical trauma associated with hair loss. Just you need a couple of teaspoons of virgin coconut oil and once you massage the oil it is suggested that you use a conditioner.


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