RV Diesel Generator: Low-Cost and Reliable


There are many great options on the market when it comes to buying a generator for your RV. From gas to diesel, portable to permanent you can find a model that is a perfect fit for your needs. Here are some of the top-rated generators that you may want to consider:

Cummins Onan 3.6KY-FA/26120 LP RV generator is a super quite gas model that comes with a built-in muffler. It can be permanently installed in the RV. This way you can eliminate the hassle of putting it in the RV and getting it out. It runs quietly on 68 decibels on 50% load from 10 feet, thus meeting the National Park requirements. Cummins 3.6KY-FA can run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and all types of tools and equipment. Use it for summer camping as it is very dependable and has a good output. If you are looking for a generator that is easy to refuel this model is just right for you. Your sensitive electronics will remain safe from surges and spikes as it has an advanced voltage regulation system.

If you want a generator that is easier to use and is also portable, take a look at the Honda EU 3000i. It is a super quiet model that is efficient and sells very quickly. Power your communication devices with ease while running your 13,5000 BTU air conditioner. When you need more power simply parallel this model with another generator. Start this inverter model by using the electric start or the pull start system. It can run for as long as 20 hours on 3.4 gallons of fuel making it a very fuel-efficient model. If you want to cart this generator you have to buy a wheeled cart for it. Honda generators are popular for their reliability, efficient operation and fuel efficiency which is why they sell fast. 

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Those who want an inverter with dual fuel and electric ignition will like the Champion 3400-Watt dual fuel RV generator. This RV ready portable inverter generator offers good value for your money. It is more affordable than both the Cummins Onan and Honda models as above. It runs a 13,5000 BTU air conditioner and has a higher output than Honda 3000i. What makes this model more preferable is the dual-fuel feature. When you run out of propane simply switch to gasoline with the flip of a button. The model comes with a free propane hose. From 23 feet noise level is only 59 decibels. It can be paralleled with another unit if you need more power. If you are looking for a cheap model that has a good runtime this RV generator will make the best choice.

A little bit more on the cheaper side is the Energizer eZV2000P 2000W. This is also an inverter and runs on gas. Not only is this model very inexpensive it is also very light and compact. It is easy to carry around and store. It generates 1600 watts and at a full load, it gives a runtime of 4.2 hours. The good thing about this RV generator is that you can turn it on and off from a distance using the remote control. Energizer eZV2000P can also be paralleled with another generator to get more watts. If you are on a budget and do not need a heavy-duty generator this model will be the right choice for you. On a heavy load, this Energizer model can be noisy. 

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Those looking for a Honda EU3000i like performance at a smaller price will like the Yamaha EF 2000iSv2 portable generator. This RV ready model runs smoothly and produces 1600 Watts. The inverter technology makes it run efficiently while the built-in mufflers make for the quiet performance. It features a fuel gauge unlike the Honda model and also has a smart throttle that adjusts fuel to the load. You can run this unit for as long as 10 hours at a 25 % load on a full tank. Take the fuel out and run the engine to make sure it’s dry before you store it away.

Comparatively, the Generac 6866 iQ2000 is quite a decent generator that is also a low-cost option. It is easy to operate and is also lightweight and portable. This model comes with three settings: turbo, standard and economy. When you operate the unit in the economy mode you can save more fuel. With the standard-setting, you can use the model with a normal load, while the turbo setting is meant for large loads. This 1600 watts Generac RV generator can run a 10,000 BTU air conditioner. It runs for 7.7 hours at a 25 percent load.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty diesel generator at a low price, consider the Generac 6864 XD5000E 5000W electric start portable diesel generator. This durable model costs less than $3800. It requires very little maintenance with its Yanmar LW Series 435cc air-cooled direct injection, industrial-grade diesel engine. It boasts a large 12-gallon fuel tank that provides a long run-time of 32.4 hours at 50% load. True Power Technology provides less than 5% total harmonic distortion for the clean, smooth operation of sensitive electronics, tools, and appliances. It is perfect for the RV and can be used to run essentials at home when grid power fails.


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