The Benefits of QuickBooks Hosting


Intuit QuickBooks accounting software is extremely popular because it saves time, is easy to use and helps a variety of small- to medium-sized businesses accurately manage their finances. When you have it hosted by a leading application service provider (ASP), you enhance a great product by giving it all of the benefits that cloud computing has to offer. If you want the best laptops to run quickbooks then do visit LaptopUnderBox.

Anywhere, anytime access. Saves time.

What if you could take the version of QuickBooks you have on your office computer with you wherever you go. With hosting, you can. No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have access to the internet you have access to your apps, data and files. Hosting is especially great for QuickBooks, because it lets accountants, bookkeepers and business owners all work together in the same files, at the same time no matter where they are geographically. Think of how much time and money you’ll save when you no longer need to travel, meet and exchange files.

Outsourced IT. Saves Money

QuickBooks hosting saves money because you no longer need to purchase run and maintain costly servers and hardware in-house. When you tap into a cloud computing resource, you take advantage of a utility service that gives you the equivalent of your own IT department, but at a fraction of what most businesses pay. Image how much it would cost if you purchased your own turbine and set up a dam just to get electricity. That wouldn’t make sense or be very cost effective.

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Cloud computing follows the same principals that other utilities do. Instead of ten different businesses buying ten different servers, paying for ten different IT support visits and then continuing to run and maintain their IT, they can now get hosting as a service from a provider. With enterprise-class technology, a qualified provider can host QuickBooks data and files for ten different businesses on one server.

When upgrades to software and security are needed, it’s done only once with across-the-board results. Plus, when you have questions or need support, the response times from providers are typically faster anad more effective than what businesses are used to. With hosting as an option, these ten businesses are now able to pool their resources to save time and money.

Safety and security.Protects your data and files.

Not only is 24/7/365 support a benefit of having your QuickBooks hosted, there’s also the back-up and disaster recovery to consider. How many businesses do you know that back-up their data and files off-site? What would happen if there was a fire or flood at your business? With application hosting, your QuickBooks data and files are safe, secure and backed-up.

If the unthinkable should happen, you’ll always be able to recover data, and start working again with your QuickBooks data. As previously mentioned, the benefit of having your IT outsourced is that you get to utilize services typically found only at large businesses.

This includes being able to take advantage of enterprise-class firewalls, data encryption, password protection and other measures implemented by certified engineers. In short, the safety and security of working in the cloud is more advanced than what your typical business can afford to do in-house. With hosting services, advanced safety, security and data back-ups are now something that anyone can afford.


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What is “hosting”?
Having an application like QuickBooks hosted means that the software, data and files are stored, run and maintained on a hosting provider’s servers instead of on your own server or PC. You can then access QuickBooks, along with your data and files, over the internet. Hosting applications online is often referred to as “cloud computing”.

Which versions of QuickBooks can be hosted?
For the most part, any version of QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise that you can run on your PC can be hosted by a provider on a virtual desktop. But, to make sure you are getting the best service out of your product that you possibly can, most providers will only host the versions on QuickBooks that are currently supported by Intuit. It is important to remember that having your QuickBooks hosted is the same as if you were going to purchase and run it locally, all of the same rules apply. Licensing cannot be manipulated so that a different version of QuickBooks is usable, nor can you use a three person license for more than three people.

Do I have to purchase QuickBooks before having it hosted?
Yes. The majority of the time, you must own your own licensed version of QuickBooks. However, it is becoming more common to see providers offering license rentals for some versions of QuickBooks. Depending on your work requirements or employees needs, or how often you upgrade your QuickBooks, renting may provide you with a bit of savings since there is no large up-front cost for a license.

Why not just use QuickBooks Online?
Intuit’s QuickBooks Online service is good for basic or entry level QuickBooks users, but it’s not the same as the desktop version. You not only loose some of the functionality, but you also don’t have the ability to use all of the add-ons, extensions and integrations needed to make the most of your QuickBooks applications. When you have your QuickBooks hosted, you have all of the same functionality of the desktop version you are already using, because it is. And most providers can deploy popular software that goes along with QuickBooks, like, SmartVault, Fishbowl and more.  The other benefit is that virtual desktops can also be deployed with Microsoft Office and other standard productivity tools that you know and use, allowing you to do 100% of your work on a virtual platform. 


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