The Future Of Smartphones From Normal Phone To Smartphone


The technology that drives the mobile phone industry has evolved over the years. From a feature phone, the size and design of a mobile phone have converted into a smartphone.

Now you can chat with someone free of cost, see your loved ones over a video call, order food, call a cab, make payments, listen to music, watch movies and videos and much more. Phew! The list of things we can do over a Vivo under 10000 smartphone and beyond may just go over and over.

When smartphones are able to do so much for its users, a question that arises is – what is their future and what trends will we see as we are already in 2020. You may go through this post as it gets you some insights.

  1. Make way for holographic displays soon 

You may have seen holograms being an integral part of sci-fi movies like Ironman and Star Wars and other fantasy films. But are we close to being able to use the touch-free technology in future smartphones? Although there have been rumours in the past about an iPhone having the same feature, it is yet to see the light of the day. But phones with the holographic display will be a reality one day. HoloFlex is the technology that is being currently being developed and should be ready some years down the line.

  • The rise of 5G mobile phones

With the Government of India all set to start 5G network trials in India, 5G networks may soon be a reality in India. But before that becomes a reality, almost all leading smartphone companies are gearing to launch their 5G smartphones throughout 2020. The launch of 5G phones and network will also enable technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) work hand in hand and facilitate fast data sharing and processing and much more.

  • Flexible phones are coming
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Samsung and Moto may have launched their flexible phones earlier, but other brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo and more are yet to announce it. Samsung’s phone was not a success, but the technology is being touted to be improving in some years.

  • Phones with more cameras will be common

You may have been surprised by the number of rear cameras being launched in a camera phone under 20000 and less. Yes, even Vivo under 10000 devices and other budget-friendly models already have dual, triple and even Quad rear cameras. The launch of the pop-up selfie camera has been another feat in the market. But future phones will sport more cameras, and you may soon see one with five or more cameras.

  • Long-lasting batteries with super fast charge will be the benchmark

2019 already saw so many models coming with battery capacities of ranging 4000-6000mAh with fast charging technologies such as VooC and Flash Charge. You may soon see samsung upcoming phones one of the leading brands coming with even bigger battery capacities. What’s more, you may also see them getting charged and going from 0% to 100% within 10-30 minutes. This way, you would not only be able to utilize the juice of your mobile phone for longer hours but even get it charged fast for continued multitasking.

You just went through a few of the possible changes that a mobile phone in India and elsewhere is set to see in the near future and a few years from now.

No matter whatever changes take time, the future of future smartphones looks bright. You may not have to worry about buying them at a higher cost as the increasing competition among reputed brands will ensure affordable investments.        


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