Even small businesses today are going global. Whether it involves purchasing goods and services from overseas suppliers or paying wages to remote workers, sending and receiving money could be a crucial aspect of owning a business.

When it involves sending and receiving money both domestic and overseas, money transfer services have significant advantages over banks. Just confirm that you just choose a service provider which will do the duty securely and cost-effectively.

Oldest and trusted Money Transfer API Provider in India. We provide high-security instant money transfer API with API integration. Use best API and transfer money at anywhere from anytime inall India.

Value of Money Transfer API

For any reasonably businesses in the present days online approach is mandatory and if you are providing an option of online transaction, money transfer is a crucial factor as it’s all about the money. So, you need to provide your customers with the foremost flexible way of payment. HTSM offers the latest technologies for money transfer API and that we cover both NEFT and IMPS channels for money transferring.


For instant money transfer, it’s important that your payment options are able to cover all the renowned also as global banks. This can be our specialization. Your customers are able to transfer money from anywhere using any bank’s debit and credit option.

If you’re running a telephone service a telecommunication one, our provided money transfer API solution will bring the utmost business. So, don’t be late. Just link our professionals to integrate a very faster money transfer solution in a better and convenient way

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The sender can transfer money to almost checking accounts in India. If you would like to start out a domestic money transfer agency and search for software that meets your requirement then you’re at the proper place that may assist you to do this. Money transfer software develops a web-based application that helps you in starting a fund transfer business.

Our application runs on every browser and you’ll be able to access it from anywhere with just a computer and an online connection.

Features of our Money transfer application

  • Highly Secured and protected web application
  • Instant Money Transfer (within 24 hrs)
  • Transfer money to any bank account in India
  • Support IMPS and NEFT
  • Prepare and maintain the report of transactions
  • Easily manage the list of your all Customers, Retailer & Distributors

Benefits for the consumer using software:

  • The consumer can transfer money without standing in longs queues in Banks
  • Secure transactions with multiple levels of authentication
  • No hidden Charges-only minimum service cost
  • RBI approved payment system
  • Money transfer safely guaranteed

We absolutely customize the money transfer system as per your business requirement.

Android is that the leading mobile OS which is created by Google utilized by most of the Smartphone. It really has achieve exceptional globallyidentification in today’s date. Android provides a high feature-rich interface to smartphone consumers that are definitely supporting android is becoming hottest among the present smartphone market.

Domestic Money Transfer API

Vast Web India Developer is Secured Domestic Money Transfer API Provider in India. IMPS money transfer limit is 85000 per mobile per Month.

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Using our API you’ll be able to instant money transfer to beneficiary Account.

Domestic Money Transfer API Benefits:

1. JSON Based Money Transfer API. Easy To Integrate By Developer.

2. Vast Web India is the leading and also the most reliable and secure API platform in India.

3. Our Money Transfer API support- Sandbox Environment, Restful APIs, Supports Multiple Languages, Code Snippets Available.

4. Instant money transfer to beneficiary Account National wide.

5. Easy integration with high Security with SSL features

6. Money transfer API works for all banks who accepts IMPS/NEFT/AUTO, IMPS is the most well-liked model to transfer money any time even national holiday Also

Domestic Money Transfer API may be a good way to get additional revenue for website owners, SMEs and the other organization. Expert’s payment routing for minimum cost and maximum profit.

APIs are utilized by a lot of banks all around the world. They’re really important a part of the banking industry. They will be wont to access data both for internal and external use. They’re also wont to internally collect and collate data. APIs also are employed by international organizations just like the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development etc. that have large datasets with users in several locations all around the world who got to access it.

Throw IMPS and NEFT 150+ banks are connected for money transfer.

You can also view your available balance, service charged, transaction history and standing of the transaction on your API Portal page.

Legal API Provider

Online Money Transfer services are the most recent offerings of many websites. You’ll be able to add Money Transfer service in your website easily which is fully complied with RBI guidelines.

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Before sending money across the world, you wish to make sure that you just are using a reliable platform with transparent costs and excellent service. Always take a while before you choose. After all, a couple of minutes of research can prevent many dollars in transaction fees and rate of exchange mark-ups.


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