For years and years of the same redundant methods have been used to teach and educate students all around the world. Despite technology and media progressing and expanding so rapidly and being integrated into almost every other industry, the teaching industry did not change or had any of this technology used to bring about change and improve the teaching methods that have remain unchanged for years.

However, that has recently changed with the appearance of EdTech. EdTech simply stands for “Education Technology” and involves everything from using computers to help teach children math and reading to specially developed applications and programs being used by professors and students alike in the most prestigious of universities.

Other uses of EdTech involve the use of mobile applications, online teaching and learning platforms, virtual reality, learning based games and the submission of homework online amongst a multitude of other things.

Although the use of technology in the education sector started as an experiment, it proved to be extremely successful and is now constantly being changed and updated by new technological entrepreneurs and developers.

How Can Technology Be Implemented Into The Education Sector And Classrooms In A Sustainable Manner?

According to Dissertation help online Technology has revolutionized and drastically changed a lot of aspects of our economy and has nearly overhauled how certain sectors of the economy used to work. The education and technology sector is certainly going to undergo a similar transformation. One could even say that the education and learning sector is currently going through such a change right now.

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For education sector has gone unchanged and not been updated to keep up with the rapidly changing and world and the technology that has come about. The EdTech movement is not just to bring about the use of tablets, mobile phones and applications in the classroom to replace books.

The EdTech movement is focused on making the education better as a whole and improves it with the use of technology that is suitable. EdTech can use the reach of the internet and help deliver a personalized learning experience for students. Programs are able to adapt to one individual’s learning competence and come up with the most efficient and effective learning methods.

Can EdTech Actually Bring About Change In The Education Industry?

EdTech can not only come up with new, innovative methods of learning and teaching but also revolutionizing the education sector in various different ways such as saving massive sums of research costs and bring about a new, standardized way of teaching and educating.

The current methods of teaching and educating, which have not been updated, are thought of being as very expensive and costly. It is estimated that over four trillion dollars are spent on the education and training sectors combined. This amount has seen an increase of 84% since 2000.

On the other hand, average reading and math scores have remained stagnant in the United States of America. The amount of money being spent on this sector is not yielding any results and this is something that EdTech can really benefit from.

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Reducing the costs of the education sector while proving a marked increase in the learning ability of students is sure to prove that EdTech is the way to go forward and has a lot more benefits than it has drawbacks.

Some bring up the argument that EdTech is also extremely expensive since it involves the use of gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets to teach students and not everyone can afford these gadgets. However, there is an easy solution to this problem known as BYOD. BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and refers to the use of services like the cloud to link all the devices and use the same source while using their own, personal devices. This translates into less money being spent on hardware by schools and other education institutions.

How can the education sector benefit from all the costs saved?

The valuable budget that is saved from being wasted away on the education sector, especially on outdated techniques that have no results to show for themselves, can be used elsewhere where they are more likely to bring about a positive change.

These include things such smart learning software which provides custom lesson plans for each individual student depending on their learning prowess and capability. Digital content such as interactive videos can also be used which encourage student participation.

The education department making the use of things such as multimedia, applications, software, virtual reality and more not only promotesstudent participation but also hold the student’s attention for longer periods of time and helps with the attention span of students.

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The use of multimedia and video formats has been directly linked to faster learning amongst students and this is also the more appealing format for students as it is more immersive and engaging as compared to reading from plain old books. The use of augmented reality and virtual reality has also gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

Is EdTech The Way To Move Forward In The Field Of Education?

It is the thought of many people that integrating the use of technology into education is very important. The methods of teaching and learning have remained the same for years and years and despite the massive amounts of money being spent on it. The methods have not yielded any positive results and it is high time to revolutionize the teaching methods currently in use.

Studies have indicated that the use of technology, in various different manners, provides a better overall learning experience for students while also being faster and helping students to pay attention for longer periods of time.

The benefits of using EdTech greatly outweigh the negatives as it is cheaper, more relatable, easier to manage and keep track of. Traditional teaching methods have been stagnant for years and no amount of homework seems to improve the learning amongst students. It helps students in various ways, ranging from helping students learn math to aiding students with dissertation writing in UK.


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