Things to Consider When Choosing an ISP


A good ISP (Internet Service Provider) is an important factor to consider for your business. Nowadays, no business is imaginable without the help of a good internet service. From customer services to billing, everything is dependent on a sound working internet connection now. Even if you have to get it for your personal use at home, it is as important as any other home items you need daily.

On my off days, when I have nothing to do but watch the TV at home, I still need a fast internet connection. For example, if I need to find which channel CW on Spectrum is, I’d like to do that fast because I can’t afford to waste my precious day searching through hundreds of channels to find it. 

So, what factors should you consider before choosing an internet service provider (ISP)? Here’s a list to help you… 

5 factors to keep in mind before choosing an ISP

Connection Cost

No, it is not wise to spend something around $1500 on an ISP even if the speed is too fast. To have an ISP that helps your business, you have to choose something that makes sense to your pocket too. And especially if you are running a small business, and that too from your home, you need to take care of your expenses. Although, in bigger companies, price is not as big an issue as speed and reliability is. 

So you have to choose your own pricing choice because at the end of the day it is you who is going to pay the bills. Just consider all the pros and cons. 

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Connection Type

Connection type matters too. Satellite connections are famous for being slow-paced, and the reason should be quite obvious. It is basic science. The signals are transmitted from the satellite and they travel for about 22,000 miles to reach out of space. Then, the site sends back a request to connect to the searched site. Even if it becomes super-fast (Signals being transmitted at the speed of light), this can take up to 500 milliseconds to process! Processing time taken by the server or the client sit to deliver the request is additional. Fiber-based connections are faster. Even 4G-LTE signals are faster than a satellite connection. 

Connection Reliability

One of the major factors to consider while choosing an ISP should be reliability, because if you are running a business, at the end of the day you want your work done, whatever the cost. If you have an ISP that is not reliable, it can add to your work stress. Also, if your line of work requires no interruptions or breakdowns during work, you should consider choosing an ISP that can provide you a Service Level Agreement (SLA). These contracts specifically mention the reliability statics of the given connection. But however good the service is, a problem can arise. It is not about never having a problem, it is about how fast the provider is willing to help you resolve it so that you can continue your disrupted work. Nobody would want to go for a provider that can make them wait for days before shipping the replacement hardware in case of an emergency. 

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Connection Availability

If you living in a rural area, and your business depends on a good internet service, you are doomed. Even the fastest fiber connection cannot help you if no provider is giving services to your area in the first place. So, rural areas based business people are left with very few options to choose from. A 4G-LTE network can work amazingly if the right plan and equipment are chosen. 

Connection Speed 

 Time is of great value when it comes to delivering in business. If you are running a small business from home, most of the times all you need to keep it running is a good internet connection. It can make your business grow enormously if orders are lined up quickly, and the online bills are made efficiently.

For big companies where cost is not the issue, good internet speed is the most important factor while they choose an ISP. It is just realistic to research your competitive businesses and see what connections they are using. For example, when I chose my ISP, I ran a test by checking the speed of it on my Charter internet. I chose the one which didn’t waste my time on time-taking buffering and irritating ads. Therefore, set goals to see what bandwidth to expect.


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