Things You Should Know When Painting A Room


Painting is a very fun task to do but when doing it you need to have complete knowledge about it as well so that you are able to carry out the process properly. Some people think that painting is an expensive task to do when it comes to redecorating your house but they are actually wrong. It can be inexpensive if you’ve thought it out and have full know-how about it.

The variety of paint colors can help change your mood and the interior of your home in an astonishing way. You can either go with very bold colors or something very soft depending on your taste.

Following are the things that you should know before you start painting your interiors:

Preparing the room

We have heard from the experts and many people having a skill of painting that the process becomes much easier if you have no hurdles or barriers in your way and they are very right. This involves making sure that the room that has to be painted should have no furniture or anything at all. If there are any problems in the room such as a leaking roof etc. you need to get that fixed. It’s not easy to find best roofing services so you may consult your friends or family about it

If there’s anything that you cannot move from the room you may cover them with a cloth so that they are not affected from the paint. Remove paintings from the walls if any.

Test the color

Choosing what color to paint in your room is one of the most difficult things to do without a doubt. You can never really put a finger on the color you want to choose and you’re always confused. You need to choose a color that goes with the lighting of the room, the furniture and looks good as well.

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The problem can be solved if you can get a sample of the colors of paint that you like and test them. Paint your wall a little and let the color dry out and see how it appears in the sunlight and at night to get a good idea of it. Some of the colors you like might even look terrible on the walls but don’t worry, you’ll still have a lot to choose from.


Some people are not that into bold colors and they always go for white, off white or other neutral colors. However, if you allow colors other than this in your rooms you’ll actually like them. if you have a room which is huge and has high ceilings, choose a darker color and if the room is small and has a lot of natural light coming in then choose a light color. This would help the room to look bigger and spacey.

Don’t worry about messing with colors, they may turn out to be great.

Pay attention to the finish

Once you’ve chosen the color and the paint is done, there are other things that you need to worry about as well. You need to focus on the finish of the paint as well. If the paint has a high gloss this means that the paint is very durable and can be easier to clean if anything happens to the wall. Eggshell finish is considered to be the best out of all. It is advantageous because of the following reasons:

·         Provide gloss

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·         Easy to clean

·         Doesn’t highlight imperfections

·         Not prone to damage

How much paint is required?

Running out of paint while the work is still underway can be very frustrating. To know exactly how much paint, you require you need to know the exact square footage of the room and you should know how many coatings will be required. If your wall is primed, you may not need a second coat otherwise a second coat is a must.

Priming the walls

It is very important to prime your walls before you start painting. Primer acts as a base for the paint and helps to seal the paint in the walls for a longer period of time. Not only this, but it also gives a good finish and saves your cost because then you will need very less paint.

Brush not roll

It is important that you use a paint brush for painting first and not the roller. This will cover the areas where the roller will not reach. Make sure you are using a high quality brush and then you can use the roller to eradicate any strokes from the brush. This will give you a smooth and a flat surface to look at.

Make sure you look into these points when choosing to paint in order to redecorate your house so that you get a good end result.


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