What Are The Steps For Australian Trademark Registration Process?


While Australians are looking forward to new ways to introduce in international business, many are emerging as a reliable company and business locally. Apart from that, they are starting businesses to work within the country as well as in the international market. Either your business is big or small, local or international; it can always be hazardous for you to leave it unprotected. Therefore all of us need to understand the Australian trademark registration process as well as how to register their trademark in Australia. This way, any company can register its trademark in Australia and able to have a hold of intellectual property and grip of your business at the same time.

Step by step Australian trademark registration process:

Today, we will discuss all the elements and requirements which are required for registering a trademark in Australia and the ways we can overcome it.

It is equally essential for you to register your trademark by fulfilling all the legal requirements and having the right and complete research of the market. By doing this, they can prevent wastage of money, time, and energy and don’t have to repeat the process.

Here is the basic summary and description of the things which you need for Australian trademark registration process:

1.    Thorough Trademark Research:

Before you do anything, the business needs to do a little research. By doing so, they will get to know the trademarks which are already registered in the country as well as the local market trend.

Some of the benefits of doing it are as follows:

  1. By trademark research, the applicant can avoid any identical or deceptive similarity of any other trademark, brand, or goods or services.
  2. 2. It will give you detail information about distinguishing the goods or services which we are registering as a trademark. Also, allow you to make a unique trademark without any geographical descriptive or generic reputation.
  3. The prohibited symbols or signs are not included in the trademark application.
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2. Apply:

When it comes to filing an application for trademark in Australia, it undergoes for “formalities check” initially. It ensures that all the legal and documentation requirements are complete. After that, the trademark application goes under the Australian Trademark Act 1995. In case the examiner finds any uncertified issues, then you may have to either pay additional fees or lose your application.

3. Examination:

Once the application is completed and examined by all the formality requirements, one examiner is assigned by the trademark office to check your application on all acceptability grounds and relevance. The examiner now checks all the further needs to approve the application or reject it on any other obligation.

In case the examiner finds out any issue on the grounds established by the Australian Trademark Act 1995, he will issue an official notification for rejection, which the applicant can respond to the refusal.

Once all the requirements are fulfilled by the applicant, and the examiner finds no rejection at all. The trademark application is passed on all levels of the apprentice; the trademark is issued in the Australian Trademark Journal. It allows any third party to oppose the trademark registration by filing an opposition proceeding.

4. Registration:

If there is no opposition filed under the trademark, it can be registered, and an official certificate is issued.

Once the trademark is registered, they can make no significant changes in the mark, filed, or expanding their goods or services. Therefore you need to study your trademark thoroughly before submitting the application and ensuring the application is perfect to increase the chances of a successful Australian trademark registration process.


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