WordPress 5.3 Features that Benefit Developers


WordPress 5.3 was released on 12 November, 2019. This version includes a range for example a select few from which programmers, in particular, stand to benefit.

In this informative article, we’ll take a look at exactly what you can expect from WordPress 5.3, along with six new characteristics you’ll likely find the most useful. Let’s get started!

An introduction to WordPress 5.3

Nick named”Kirk”, WordPress 5.3 has attracted some major improvements that promise more intuitive usage and better access. Among the upgrades is a brand new default theme, known as TwentyTwenty :

The new theme was made for increased flexibility. It offers a wide range of layouts, a column that is centered content, and the choice of complete or wide alignment.

Also included from the motif is a brand-new typeface branded Inter, which is indicated with its clarity and readability. Rasmus Andersson designed it, and styles and all weights of this typeface are contained within two font files.

1. New admin email address verification configurations

The most recent version of WordPress makes it compulsory to verify your admin email address periodically. This can be actually the contact information where password notifications and other significant messages are all sent.

This upgrade ensures that the admin contact information is more valid and helps decrease the risk of notifications that are missing. Additionally, it reduces the probability of getting locked out of your website in case you change your address.

2. Password toggling on the WordPress Login screen

Another WordPress 5.3 shift is password reliability toggling. On both the desktop and mobile devices, Now You Can utilize this setting on the WordPress Log in screen display or to conceal your credentials:

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Conversely, there are times when it makes sense to cover up your password as you type it. If you’re employed in public spaces for instance, that is perfect for security purposes.

3. Changes to this site indexing alternatives

De-indexing can help keep your website private before you’re satisfied with the information. You may be Knowledgeable about the Discourage search engines from indexing this webpage alternative in WordPress’ Reading configurations:

Additionally, a robots.txt file simply prevents search engines from visiting your website. In some cases, it may end up observable. WordPress 5.3 ushered in a brand fresh method of discouraging search engines from indexing your website entirely.

4. Improvements to Site Health reports

WordPress 5.2 introduced the Website Health record , which gives you a snap shot of your site’s status. This feature is still available in WordPress 5.3, with some changes to improve its functionality.

The upgrade removes the Website Health score as a percent and replaces it with”Good” or”Should be improved”. Most users did not enjoy the preceding system because they discovered it perplexing and obscure:

For those who have not used this feature before, you can access it from going to Tools > Website Health in your WordPress dash board. There’ll be two tabs you may research to gain more details about your site: Status and Info.

5. Reputation filtering performance for Multi-site

In the event you use multi-site, there are two or three upgrades that arrive with WordPress 5.3 that is likely to make your work somewhat easier. One of them is that you can now store database versions since site meta.

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WordPress 5.1 first introduced site meta, which permits you to store meta data associated with respective websites in your system. Enhancements in version 5.3 assist you to access multi-site from a global context using a function.

6. Compatibility and encourage for PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 is likely to soon be on November 29. The latest version brings improvements into the programming language, also WordPress 5.3 provides support to it.

The WordPress team prepared the newest edition of WordPress to be fully compatible with PHP 7.4. This consists of making changes to eliminate functionality.


WordPress 5.3 may be your last significant release of 2019. This brand new version includes enhancements, a few that would be beneficial to programmers.

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