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Ubuntu is an open-source operating system developed by the San microsystems. Linux allows users and in this case developers to make changes to the program without prior authorization from the creator. You can gather a deeper understanding of Ubuntu Linux from various networking book written by various professionals concerning this topic. There are numerous cookbook and handbook publications about the basics of Linux as an OS and the programming languages associated with this OS.
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grep command is a text filter that searches for the input and returns the text lines by a given pattern. In order to start the example, use the following command to get to the /Documents/ folder: cd ~/Documents
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Installing Packages/Applications/Software The yum (apt-get or apt in Ubuntu) command is used to install new packages and to update/upgrade the operating system, it requires administrative access, so it must be used with sudo. yum [OPTIONS] [COMMAND] apt-get [OPTIONS] [COMMAND] (Ubuntu) apt [OPTIONS] [COMMAND] (Ubuntu) The operating system must be updated on a regular basis, this way you will keep your data and integrity of the system safe. In order to update your system, run one of the foll...
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The ifconfig command is used to view the current network configuration for ethernet cards and iwconfig displays the network configuration for wireless cards. Because this is the output from a Virtual Machine the ethernet is called enp0s3, on hardware machines is eth0. The lo (loopback) interface is a software device used by the operating system when sending network data to itself, used for testing, troubleshooting and debugging mostly....
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Many Linux commands deal with sensitive data like system hardware, passwords or operate under exceptional circumstances. Prevents regular users from executing these commands by mistakes and helps to protect data and system integrity. By logging in as root enables the ability to execute privileged commands.
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The touch command is used to create files of any type, for example you can create test.txt, test.jpg, test.doc but only specialized software can read and create content in these file types.