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Git Commands List
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Here is a list that contains one of the most used Linux commands, and a short explanation for them: ls – list – lists files and directories, can be used with a lot of options like: -a, -R, -l, -g, -r; pwd – print working directory – shows the path of the current directory; ifconfig – interface configuration – used to view and change the configuration of the network; cd – change directory – used to change the current working directory; df – disk free – must be used with -h opt...
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Metacharacters We often want to refer to a group of files or directories that have a common characteristic. To do this, there are some small constructs which helps the user to filter the needed files. For example if in a folder we have a lot of jpg, mp3 and doc files and we would like to list only the doc files, in order to do this we will have to filter the files: The command is: ls -l *.doc But there are a lot of useful filters that will help us a lot. * – replaces one or more characters: ls...