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What is Linux Hosting

In terms of stability and security, Linux is ranked the most stable operating system and at the same time, it’s quite easy to maintain and support. One of the reasons why Linux web hosting has gained popularity is its easily accessible configuration files and the non-complicated process of updating them. Linux by itself being an open-source operating system allowing developers to modify the operating system source code and then redistribute without restriction makes it quite a popular platform. You can also find here top rated web hosting providers.

Top Rated Linux Web Hosting Providers of March 2023


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Digital Ocean

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The introduction of control panels in the mid-1990s simplified life in a big way. Webhosting technicians could now be able to access the Linux serves through SSH and an ASCII terminal as a maintenance access point. With development and improvement in technology, Linux saw the introduction to the industry its first popular Red Hat Linux redistribution, a web server for web hosting in early 2000. The Red Hat Enterprise developed by the Linux Foundation later developed the CentOS and became the standard Linux distribution used in all Linux VPS.

Linux hosting famously referred to by techie enthusiast as Ubuntu hosting in simple terms refers to a service that runs on a Linux server that holds files that are accessible either publicly via the internet or a VPS IP address. Linux hosting allows users to encrypt their files and also protect them with a password to enhance security.

What is Linux Hosting with C-panel?

Linux Hosting with a control panel or C-panel as many refer to it is a service that allows users to manage their accounts aspects from a centralized location. The Control panel is quite effective and designed mostly for persons with no technical background to easily manage their accounts. C-panel plays a host to several aspects and items which include your application files, applications, and your web host emails.

Webhosting that contains c-panels is usually referred to as shared hosting and it's the cheap and most affordable kind of Ubuntu VPS offered by web hosting service provider available. C-panel or shared hosting allows users without much technical background to perform some tasks such as create email accounts or even install blogging software such as WordPress with much ease. Similarly, the control panel allows users to create subdomains without many complications. Ubuntu server hosting package does not include the control panel but rather it’s a third-party application that gets included in the hosting package to easy accessibility.

How to Choose the Best Linux Hosting?

To any Linux user who is out in search of a hosting package is one of the most doubting tasks one can embark on. Linux offers some of the best hosting options that come with their advantages in their unique way. There is some basic consideration you have to put in place while deciding the best Linux hosting option to choose. Some of these options include;

Desktop vs. server

Before settling on a hosting package it's critical to decide considering your infrastructure whether to go with Linux distro on the server or desktop. Your choice comes with quite different demands and requirements. For instance, if you decide to go with a server distro, you will be required to run the software in a superior and well-updated software on a desktop. Server distribution comes with some strong points from deployment, support, and reliability.

Hardware requirements and resources

Linux gathers a lot of praise due to its none complex requirements in hardware requirements and resources since its highly compatible with other resources. Selecting your Ubuntu hosting package must take into consideration the lightweight distribution. By selecting such a package, the hardware requirement is different from heavyweight distribution. The lightweight distro uses light or lower powered machines unlike with heavyweight distribution.

Software Repositories

One important consideration especially for novice users without much technical knowledge on Linux and software in general is the software contained in the hosting package repository. You might end up frustrated if you cannot access your application or you need a technician every time now and then for simple tasks you could have done yourself. For instance, Ubuntu is quite cheap and comes with large third-party software support than Fedora.

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