Permissions in Linux: Octal/Absolute mode

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Octal/Absolute mode Permissions

Are specified by adding them in numeric/digit mode, as they are kept in file’s inode. This way previous permission settings are lost and overwritten by the new ones.

Permissions of a file are stored in inode as bits, and they form a construct of 12 bits as follows:

(3 groups * 3 basic permissions) + 3 special permissions = 12 bits in total

Let’s say we have a file with the following permissions: rs-rSxr–

Each permission has a value assigned, to get a clear view, take a look at the tables below:

Usually, octal mode is the fastest and easiest way to set permissions on files/folders, for the example above we have to type in  the command line:

chmode -R 6676 /file/location/example.txt

If more guidance is needed or something is missing, fell free to ask.

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