Using help in Linux

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Before you start this tutorial is better to know how to get help and details about the commands, when you need it. There are several ways to get help about the commands, but I will present only the most important ones:

Using –help as argument for the command

Example: cp –help

Using man as a pre-argument for the command

Example: man cp

Using info as a pre-argument for the command

Example: info cp

[TAB] key from the keyboard can be used to autocomplete commands, arguments and known terms, by the console/terminal:

Example: yum ins (press [TAB] key, it will autocomplete the argument install), the final command line will be: yum install

Other useful commands in linux terminal/console:

clear = cleans the current terminal window

history = shows last 500 commands used in the terminal, it can be limited with history 10 (shows last 10 commands used)

reset = refreshes the terminal/console

exit = exits the current terminal/console

Useful keyboard shortcuts in linux terminal/console:

[Ctrl + l] = clears the current terminal/console

[Ctrl + u] = clears the current line from the cursor point

[Ctrl + a] = move the cursor at the beginning of the line

[Ctrl + e] =  move the cursor at the end of the line

[Ctrl + d] = exit current terminal

[Tab] = autocomplete commands

[Up/Down arrow] = show commands history

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